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Feng Shui

Posted by laurie on March 4, 2010

For Stan, a dog bed does double duty: as a napping venue and as a chew toy. I’ve had to throw out two dogs beds recently that he’s destroyed. He frequently carries them around the house, and I think that he’s practicing Feng Shui. I actually don’t often see him SLEEPING in a bed, because he rarely sleeps. But he’s only two, so we’re giving him time.

Thank-you all for yesterday’s grammar advice. Aren’t these comments terrific? Feel free to join in, don’t be shy!

17 Responses to “Feng Shui”

  1. My Cody (formerly Creed/Bentley) is a terrible chewer, too. He’s destroyed all the dog beds that used to belong to Benny. I have to keep him in a kennel all day now when I’m gone to work to be sure he doesn’t get into anything harmful while I’m gone.

    Love your pics of the boys!

  2. Jeri said

    Your “boyz” are just too cute for words! I have a suggestion for the bed thing though; my “Late Great” Buddy chewed up several beds…that is untill I got one of those Snuggle Ball nesting beds! The look on his face when he tried to pick it up and shake it and bite at it was just hilarious! The Snuggle Ball nesting beds are too big, heavy, and bulky for a dog to pick up and carry around. Buddy tried several times and finally gave up.

  3. Marcy BeagleDiva said

    I too have a 2 year old who chews everything and doesn’t seem to sleep. His brother and sister (older 5 & 8) sleep and Scout will climb on them to sleep as close as possible. I a human moves or he hears soemthing off he goes again. He can distroy a nylabone in 30 minutes and chew the ears, tails, etc off faster than we can get it out of his mouth. He has lately chewed the edges of our cotton knit blanket to threads. He is a character and love him to dead.

  4. Jan said

    So I guess Stan is really practicing Feng Chew-ay 🙂

  5. Kim Jackson said

    We so need to see the “dragging” the bed pictures!!!

  6. Tam said

    Laughing hysterically at the Feng Chew-ay comment.

    I think beagles are grand masters of the art. In my house, that would apply especially to Abbey, who has to have things “just so” before she can sigh in contentment at a job well-done.

  7. Jenny said

    Oh, my dog does this at age 10 – although probably not as often as Stan does! And he also loves ripping up foam rubber – I recently got him a “senior” bed with an egg crate-type insert, and he ripped off all of the little bumps on it… I think it was his way of saying he’s not ready to be a “senior” yet!

  8. Gloria said

    Like many others, our Suzie chewed and destroyed many a dog bed, etc. One day I lay our son’s comforter on the floor and she “made” a little nest and fell asleep. From that point on we decided no more dog beds just blankets and the chewing stopped.

  9. Lois said

    My Sherry is a great chewer too — especially blankets & books. I think she’s a very literate beagle. What other excuse could there be for all the nawed book covers in my house!Oh well – she’s 2 1/2 so maybe she’ll outgrow chewing!

  10. ChristyACB said

    Ahhh…so glad my Beagles are older!

    Boscoe the Lederhosen occassionally decides that something must be chewed, but then appears to wonder why it isn’t working well. We’ve carefully avoided telling him that he is missing most of his teeth (16 extractions after we got him from rescue).

    Gigi is far to prissy to chew….except her own toenails! Ewww…

    By the way, I sure do love the comments feature too. ::waves at all the fellow Kramer pup fans::

    Christy – Boscoe and Gigi’s Mom

  11. Angela said

    Sherman and Stanley are such quintessential beagles! Beautiful boys. My Truman doesn’t tear up his beds too much, but this picture reminds me of him, since he loves to “chew” on his blankets and make kneading motions with his front paws. I don’t know if this is him reverting back to nursing as a pup, or just his way to wind down in the evening. Either way, it’s really cute to watch!

    Loving the new site! Take care!

  12. Kellie Lightcap said

    Whatever you do don’t get him a water bed!!

  13. Vivian said

    I agree you definitely need to either get a video or picture of Stanley dragging the bed! That would be so funny to see!

  14. Scott said

    Orvis sells ToughChew dog beds guaranteed to be chew proof. Not sure about “drag proof” !

  15. Maureen said

    My little 2 (almost 3) year old uses her bed for smackdowns with toys, acorns, bugs…you name it she does a smackdown on it in her bed. She also does her best Tazmanian devil impression in her bed any time she gets wet. She only “sleeps” when she’s in my lap.

  16. BookerMoose said

    Our youngest beagle Buzz (who is about three) hasn’t chewed any dog beds yet, but he has gone through at least eleven duvets and duvet covers since he arrived in the fall of 2008… must be wondering why on earth we need to buy them in bulk – or maybe they think we run a hotel!

    By the way, I love the new Daily Digital!

  17. Harper said

    Beagle greetings from California!
    Our 5-year old Beagle (Whisky Girl) leaves the beds alone (she loves a good snorting nap), but will destroy all fuzzy toys. Our Lab J.D. will keep a hedgehog (among other animal shapes) for months just content to make the squeaky squeak; but if Whisky gets her paws on them, she’ll de-squeak and de-stuff them within moments.

    Glad to see all the other Kramer & Their Beagle fans!

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