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The Lip

Posted by laurie on March 5, 2010

This is what we call “The Lip.” It’s a fixture in Stan’s repertoire and it cracks me up every time, he looks so darn goofy. That I caught it on a memory card was an unintentional but fortuitous accident. Stanley reminds us in so many ways of Scooter and although Scooter didn’t have “The Lip” he sure acted like he did!

21 Responses to “The Lip”

  1. Ellen said

    My husband calls that the “Elvis snear.”

  2. Darlene Main said

    We call that the “sneer” also! When my mom’s dachsund does it, my mom says to her, “Brandi, put your teeth in”! Appreciate all the work you do Laurie to keep us laughing!

  3. Lori said

    Benny used to do that. It’s so funny!

  4. Amber said

    My beagle does that too! I love it

  5. Rebeca said

    My boy Trumbo does the same thing. He has a load of funny expressions. When he looks up at you, it’s this loving, but slightly cross-eyed look. So sweet and funny!

  6. Scott said

    Oh….you mean the “You’re Nothing But a Hound Dog” snear! 🙂

  7. Carol Lee said

    Wow, maybe this is the result of special breeding in beagles as Sam does it also and it does look goofy! He doesn’t even seem to notice that he has have of one side of mouth, usually his right, revealing gums, teeth, left over food etc. What silly doegs we have!! Like Ellen, we call it Sam’s snear!!

  8. Sammie Beagle said

    It looks like he is smelling something bad! LOL. I love how all the beagles are similar, yet have thier own stuff that makes them unique!

  9. Bailey n Gypsys Dad said

    We call that the ‘mad dog’ look. Not to be confused with ‘squishy face’ which occurs when disturbed from a heavy slumber…

  10. Tam said

    Love the Elvis sneer comment, as our Elvis does it all the time…Abbey does it, too, occasionally, but Elvis does it frequently, as did Mo before him. I call it the lip curl, actually.

  11. Dee said

    There’s that “Standing over” business again! 🙂

  12. Deanna said

    My Max did that too, as soon as I saw the picture it reminded me of my guy!

  13. Bonnie said

    Similar to Ellen, we call our beagle Spunky’s version of this look the “Elvis lip.” I laughed out loud, however, when I saw Baily n Gypsys Dad refer to the “squishy face” because that is exactly what we say when Spunky gets awakened from deep slumber….

  14. Jeri said

    We call that “crumple mouth” and sometimes our beagles have it when they wake up from a deep sleep. It cracks us up every time! 🙂

  15. Donna said

    Rosco had “The Best Lip” It was very pronounced and made us laugh every time. Oscar has “The Best Ridge-Back”. It’s huge. You know, the fur that comes up on the back when they are irritated. Each beagle has their funny qualities we love.

  16. Scooby's Mom said

    I agree with Bonnie and Bailey n Gypsy’s Dad…waking up from deep sleep causes “squishy face” on our beagle too…but when Scooby makes “the lip”, we call it “broken lip”!

  17. Steve said

    When one of my beagles does that, I say that he/she is “twitterpated”.

  18. Maggie Moos Mum said

    Maggie gets “Sticky Chop” – if she has been fast asleep and wakes – theres sticky chop – again I makes me smile every time

  19. Sandy G said

    The Clint Eastwood look; doesn’t it better than Kenny (my husband who thinks he’s Clint….)…too funny!

  20. Lucy's mom said

    Our beagle Lucy gets “the lip” when she is on her back and we are rubbing her belly. We think she is smiling!

  21. uberrhund said

    Our Tish did that! We also called it “Elvising” As in “Do not Elvis me!”

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