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Cough, cough.

Posted by laurie on March 8, 2010

Stanley developed a cough last week which seemed to be getting better until Friday night when he woke us up several times. So Phillip called our vet friend who got us an appointment on Saturday morning. I was kind of nervous because the cough reminded me of Clayton and here we were, back at the vet. But he thinks it’s just a bronchitis and prescribed an antibiotic and a cough suppressant. Plus ear drops for an ear infection.

I think it was hound day at the vet. There were three other beagles and two basset hounds.

Sherman was apparently dumbfounded meeting Homer and Marge, the brother and sister bassets. I forgot the bulldog’s name but he was a stray and they had recently taken him in. Imagine having two 75-pound dogs and taking in a bulldog! And I thought I was a dog person!

6 Responses to “Cough, cough.”

  1. Rebeca said

    Everytime I go to the vet I always shudder with worry. My first beagle Cecil was constantly at the vet for a secondary pneumonia. He was puppy mill baby and had kennel cough that was never treated properly until I adopted him. I spent the short two years I had him going to the vet on almost a weekly basis for oxygen, antibiotics, cough suppressants, etc. When he passed, my next dog was a Jack Russell puppy, Alvah. About a month after I got him he came down with leptospirosis. That was almost touch and go. He’s fine now–a healthy, fat, and cranky terrier. When Alvah was six months old, I adopted Trumbo the beagle at 3.5 months. Luckily I have a robust and healthy boy. He’s sweet, affectionate, and a crack up. The only thing we’ve had to deal with is Lyme disease and infected ears. But when anyone vomits or seems a little off, I’m always fearful that it could be something worse.

  2. Scooby's Mom said

    Get well soon Stanley!

  3. Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    The boys are so lucky to have excellent parents like you. Get well soon Stan!

  4. Sue K said

    Huey was diganosed with that at about Stanley’s age. It has troubled him all his life and was worse with seasonal allergies. His ears were also infected whenever he had a flare-up. He was on baby Claritin for awhile, but since moving from Maine to Florida, his bronchitis has improved (not resolved) and his cough now is mostly due to acid reflux which is treated with generic Pepcid and generic Tums. As long as we don’t mess with this regimen and keep the people food to a minimum and make no changes in his diet, he is okay with the reflux situation. As far as the ears go, if it is yeast causing the infection, my vet here in Florida has told me to spray Huey’s ears with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Of course, that goes over well with a 14 year old plus beagle!!!!

  5. Karen S. said

    Beagle, basset, bulldog, or whatever, they’re all thinking the same thing: will I get outta of this place alive?

  6. Anne L. said

    My Vet does beagle rescue and for a year, every time I went in they had puppies looking for a new home! Ack, it was so hard to leave without one.

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