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Lick, Rinse, Repeat

Posted by laurie on March 11, 2010

Clayton was an excellent assistant with the dishes and I so miss his help each night. But as you can see, Stanley has more than adequately filled his shoes and I’m sure Clayton would be proud. I’m grateful that Stan is twelve pounds lighter than Clayton. I wonder how many dishwasher doors come unhinged by an overzealous and overweight chow hound?

18 Responses to “Lick, Rinse, Repeat”

  1. Cecelia said

    Too cute!! I normally have a shepherd and a beagle on each side. LOL Now our kitty has decided he wants to check it out also. Crazy animals.


  2. NancyJ said

    Our beagle “puppy”, Shelby2, (she’s 3 1/2) dives into the dishwasher the minute the door starts dropping. When she was smaller, she’d get her head stuck in the silverware holder.

  3. Marie said

    Seamus broke the dishwasher door so that it has to be in locked mode the whole time now. When we went out, he would bring the door down, use it to hoist himself up on the counter and have a picnic for himself….that worked for a while, then he learned how to open the cabinet under the sink and used the sick to hoist himself up…..Now he has a really comfy bed and toys in the basement for when we go out. He also gets a treat when he goes down there….I cannot describe the mess we used to find while he was on “the hunt” while we were out…never mind the mess for the next 24 hours….

  4. Darlene Main said

    Our beagle Terra does not get in the dishwasher but if you forget to push the bottom rack in so that she can lick up all the stuff that has dripped from the glasses, plate and bowls, she will let out a little woof. It is like she is saying “helllooo, I’m waiting here….”. She does draw the line at licking up Coke or any pop for that matter!

  5. Charleen said

    Awww, this looks all to familiar:) When Gunner was a puppy (he’s 1 1/2 now) he did this all the time and I got a good laugh from it, now he stands to the side and crooks his neck to get around to the good stuff:) And before I close the door, he has to lick the drippings on the door, yummm…lol. My other beagle Buster did it as well, must be a beagle trait, they do love their food, no matter how they can get it:) Thank goodness for HOT water!

  6. Gloria said

    I can’t help but think about that Ann Landers column where she advised the homeowners who had the neighbors who nightly arrived in time just for dinner. Ann said, ” Let them see your dogs lick their plates clean and then just put those “clean” plates directly in the cupboard.”

  7. Lois said

    Andy broke several dishwasher doors. When we were shopping for the next-to-last replacement, a salesman tried to talk us into a top of the line, extremely expensive model. He didn’t have an answer when I asked how much beagle-weight the door would hold. Hmm– we stuck to an affordable model. Sherry has only dried to climb in the dishwasher once – & scared herself silly. But she will pre-wash what she can reach without climbing into the dishwasher. Don’t know what we’d do without our little helpers!!

  8. “Keep your tongue out of the dishwasher!” is a constant command at our house…not that it’s heeded. I wonder what people walking by think if they hear that wafting from our house…

    And Roxy too has learned how to open the cabinet where the food trash is stored…but now that we have a toddling nephew she has been thwarted by baby proofing…as we all have been. The only one who can get in there now? My toddling nephew!!

    • Marie said

      As far as “babyproofing”, when we realized what was up, my husband bought baby locks for the inside of the cabinet, Seamus broke that and got the door open…(Daughter called me at a funeral to tell me that one)…So then we said well, we will put a baby gate up in the side hallway and he will just stay there while we were out. He scaled the baby gate and got to what he wanted to get into. He is 10 years old. He did not start this stuff until he was 9!!!!!

  9. BookerMoose said

    Add us to the list of beagle owners who have had more than one broken dishwasher door! But we are still a big fan of the beagle pre-wash cycle – just as long as it is done with paws on the ground not on the door…

  10. Sean said

    Oh, good grief…that’s been my big fear — turning around and seeing our beagle burying herself in the dishwasher…

    BTW — anybody ever see that AFV clip of Sadie the Beagle actually taking the entire rack out of the dishwasher and dragging it — plates and all — into another room???

  11. Karen S. said

    This would make a cute video!

  12. Scott said

    My Mom would kill me! 🙂

  13. Harper said

    We’ve managed to train our Lab & Beagle not to prewash… but now that we adopted a kitten (dumped out in the country where I board my horse… he’s the only kitty that made it), “Tang” (male orange tiger) loves to climb in the dishwasher… or any cabinet… closet… or room that’s closed off to him! Poor guy, he’s stuck inside for a few more weeks until we can get him neutered…

    Love the new format!!!

  14. patr said


  15. M. Wold said

    Our second Beagle, Rosie, learned to pull open the door of the oven so that she could use that to climb up onto the kitchen counters. Thankfully, the over door was up to her 35 pounds….

    • Marie said

      People think it is just my beagle….they just don’t understand beagles. I just had a friend come by who has three kids. Seamus walked out with me and he “hoovered” her car.

  16. Robert Dunn said

    Introducing Stan the cleaner man!

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