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Sherman Kramer, at your service.

Posted by laurie on March 12, 2010

Sherm, Shermaderm, Shermanator. Still kind of low on nicknames. Any ideas?

50 Responses to “Sherman Kramer, at your service.”

  1. Jeanne said

    The Shermster

  2. Marguerite said

    For some reason, your names remind me of southern colonels from the Civil War!!!

    How about “the colonel” ?

  3. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Let his personality decide his nickname. Ours have lots of nicknames, and it seems to keep evolving. Onyx was such a wild puppy that she quickly earned the nickname Demon Princess, and now most of the time we call her Princess (although when she tears down the curtain rod she’s called Demon Princess or Demon Dog) or ‘Little Girl’. I also call her ‘Sweet Pea’ (not sure how I came up with that one). Cobalt is ‘Little Man’ or ‘Tobe-Tobe’ which evolved into ‘Toblerone’. When he was a puppy, we quickly dubbed him ‘Cuddle Bug’ because he loves to snuggle. So now we call him ‘Bug’or ‘Buggie’ a lot. My sister’s cocker is nicknamed Pitter Patter, mostly because he tinkles when he gets excited!

  4. Carol Frost said

    how about ‘Shermipoo’

  5. Lucy M. said

    The Big Shermanowski, of course! “Dude!!” 🙂

  6. laura said

    what a handsome guy! How about Shermy Baby…..but I do like the Shermanator

  7. Kelley said

    Sir Sherm? Shermster?

  8. Christel said


  9. Therese Rasnick Beagle-Mom said


  10. Linda said

    How about Sir Sherm-a-lot.

  11. Cecelia said

    He is such a stunning beagle!! I love Shermanator. LOL How Shermeister, HermanSherman….I know, I know I stink. HA


  12. Jen said

    I know the feeling with nicknames my Bogey has several “Bogeyman”, “Little Big Guy” and “No Boges”. The last one my toddler nieces say all the time.
    I think Shermanator is a good one.

  13. Tam said

    “My name is Beagle. Sherman Beagle. I like my kibble prompt (shaken or stirred, doesn’t matter).

  14. Monika said

    Like Laura, I tend to add a “Y” at the end of my boys’ names. Joey and Baxy would love to meet Shermy (and Stanley, too!)!

  15. Bonnie said

    I like Shermanator and Shermeister. I don’t know, our beagle, Spunky, ends up with nicknames that have nothing to do with her name – like Peanut and Bubba or Bubbie. No idea where those came from, but they seem to have stuck. She also gets called Barky Barkerson quite a bit. Anything that fits the personality seems to be fair game.

  16. Kristian said

    How’s about General Sherman? Or Shermy-wormy? One requires a very stern personality, and the other requires a little less backbone I would suppose.

  17. Nancy said

    Sherman is a toughie to rhyme. Resassureman, Shermeleh?

  18. Sammie Beagle said

    Sherm the Worm… Shermie… Sher-thing….. Sher the Blur…

  19. Carol said

    Can’t think of anything original (yet) but, Shermeleh gave me a real smile and belly laugh. He seems like a very handsome mensch 🙂

  20. Dee said

    my vote is “Sherminator” 🙂

  21. Carol said


  22. Sue K said

    I like The Shermanator and other names will come to mind as he lives with you longer. Huey is Huba Duba, Hubert and even (Herbert to our young Goddaugther), but now that he is a senior citizen, he is also Old Man. Brady is Brady Boy, Bradles, and Stinky (given that he likes to roll in something stinky on a weekly basis that then requires a shower)! I really think he just likes the walk-in shower because he never rolled in as much stinky stuff when we lived up north!

  23. Peggy said

    I was thinking of that old song” The Name Game” ie, Sherman Sherman, Boberman, banana fanna fo Ferman.

    Sometimes, the name comes from markings. When Penny was a puppy, she had a Mickey Mouse peak on her head, so we called her “Mousie” “Mistress Mouse” or “Mousetress”. I’m ashamed to admit one of her nicknames is “Mousie the Moo”.

  24. Jan said

    Shermanator is a great nickname! I’m with the folks who say nicknames often spring from things other than the name. Our Brownie is B, Brownster, Brownie-Clownie, but also Miss Poochie Paws, Miss Silly Paws, the Snoremeister, etc.

  25. Julia said

    Shermarooni, Sherm the Worm.

  26. Irene said

    How about “Squirmin’ Sherman”?

  27. BookerMoose said

    How about Herbie (as in the Love Bug, because it sounds like he is one)!

  28. Mary said


  29. Cathy said

    Well I’d just call him cutie pie – he’s so adorable. That head needs to be smooched!

  30. NancyJ said

    I agree that most nicknames come from personalities or looks. Our basset was “Roo” (that’s how she barked); Dexter is “Dude”, cuz he is one and Sugar is “Mighty Mouse” cuz she’s small but tough.

    I am partial to “Hot Socks” myself for the Sherm. He looks like a ladykiller and he has handsome socks on his legs.

  31. Coletta said

    I vote for Shermanator, too. I had a beagle named Truman, and often called him “the Trumanator”. The neighbor kids got a kick out of it.

    But your best nickname is already taken. I loved it when you called one of your first beagles (can’t remember who now, but I’m sure you do) Mister Man. It always sounded so affectionate, and so cute as well.

  32. Rusty Man's Mommy said

    Shermlock Holmes, at your service

  33. Kellie Lightcap said

    The Shermster

  34. Kellie Lightcap said

    Or an Irish spin Sherman O’Berman

  35. Kellie said

    Or an Irish spin Sherman O’Berman

  36. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Let his personality guide you. When Onyx was a puppy, she was a wild one, and quickly earned the nickname ‘Demon Princess’. Most of the time now we just call her Princess. When she’s a bad doggie (like pulling down the curtains, rod, sconce, and all), she is Demon Dog. Since she’s our female, she is also Little Girl or Baby Girl. And in the last year I started calling her Sweet Pea- though I have no idea why. They seem to have more nicknames with each year! Cobalt started out as Cuddle Bug because he loves to snuggle. That got shortened to Bug, or Buggie. He’s the boy, so he is Little Man. Sometimes he’s Tobe-Tobe, which evolved into Toblerone, and my father turned it into Tub-Tub (because he has a bit of a pudge belly). My sister’s cocker spaniel is nicknamed Pitter-Patter because he tinkles when he’s excited. And just recently they’ve started calling him Bruiser and Dozer, because he’ll plow through anything (including people and other dogs) to get to you!
    Most of the names developed when we weren’t trying- some day you’ll call Sherman something and it will stick.

  37. Sparky's Mama said

    Because our boy was an escape artist, he became the Great Houndini or Sparkini. Maybe Shermani, like Armani?

  38. Lynne said

    Manpooch or Shermpooch comes to mind. I agree that some times nicknames come from personality traits that surface. Our beagle Samantha has the nicknames Mantha, Manthapooch, Crazylegs, Twinkletoes, to name a few.

  39. Paula said

    What a ggeeeoorrrrgoouuss beagle!

  40. KAY GONYER said

    How about Mr. Sherm or Brother Sherm. How about Mr. Hungry! I think all Beagles are born hungry!

  41. Karen S. said

    Sherman’s Shermits

  42. Nadine Wiseman said

    Shirley? It was a boy’s name before Charlotte Bronte’s novel. We once met a basset called Shirley. Shirley Basset! She was at the vet and they were off to McDonald’s on the way home to get her a burger.

  43. Kelly Green said


  44. Oscar's Mom said

    i was going to say Shermster. But that has already been suggested. Oscar is called the Wiener, Mr. Z (from the white Z marking on his neck), Goofy Dog because he acts and looks like Goofy and Super Freak because of the freaky way his back legs fold forward when he sits or lays down. I’ll send a photo. I’m sure there is more to come.

    Note: half way through the day i remembered I didn’t get my morning fix of beagles so I put the website on my iphone. Only the reply’s showed up. If you scroll down to the bottom you have an option to take the website from the mobile site to regular. So if you are on the road, traveling, etc. you can access the complete website from you iphone if you click on this option.

  45. Rebeca said

    We call Trumbo the “Love Beagle” and then in the tune of the Love Boat we rub his tummy, kiss and sing, “The Looooove Beagle all kissy and nice.” It’s ridiculous, but he seems to love it.

  46. Gloria said

    My vote is for Shermanator. He destroys your heart!
    What a handsome beagle!

  47. George Burns & Gracie Allen said


    Of course the most famous Sherman – William Tecumseh Sherman – was known as Uncle Billy and Cump.

    Love the blog and love the pick of the day

    (BTW: George & Gracie are my beagles – they turned 5 this week… time flies so fast)

  48. Scott said

    Tank? as in Sherman Tank? (not really my favorite,,,)

  49. Melanie said

    Sherman Herman Furman
    Sher Man
    William Tecumseh Sherman
    Squirmin’ Sherman

  50. Leah said

    well, he looks very distinguished, professorial – looks like he is wearing a formal outfit in this picture…. something distinguished. maybe Professor.

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