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Posted by laurie on March 16, 2010

When I got home from work yesterday I found a dead bird on the stairway. There is no cat in the house so I had to assume it was deposited there by a beagle whose name starts with “S”. I have a feeling the third letter might be “A” but am not sure. Anyway, here is one of the boys’ daily episodes of tug-a-war, this time with one of our many winter accoutrements left on the floor. Many years ago when Phillip encountered Clayton and Spenser playing tug-a-war with a groundhog, he realized that it is not a competition but a cooperative act: two jaws are better than one.

Soon all of our winter accessories will go into drawers for the next six months, limiting available tug toys. And speaking of “toys,” Be sure to tune in tomorrow when I tell you about The Bottle Cap (fourth letter a resounding “N”).

4 Responses to “Mine!”

  1. C Siding said

    I’ve observed 2nd letter “h” sunning himself while intensely watching birds. So I suspect you have inappropriately accused “the manly boy” (as in Stanly the manly boy). Similarly when you find my cloths laying about the closet you assume it is my fault.

  2. Peggy said

    Yes, just like when my Mom sees shredded paper on the floor, she asks ” Did Penny do this?”. ( as if I would say “no, Mom, I got bored and ripped the Sunday NY Times Style section with my teeth).

    It’s probably Stanley’s evil alien twin, from the Andromeda Galaxy.

  3. Tom said

    Very Funny!! Beagles love tug of war. As far as the bird thing. I doublt Stanley was able to catch one. But, he may have brought it home. Plato would try to catch birds all the time when he was a pup. Then, he finnaly figured out that it was hopeless. There to fast. Of course, there is always the unexpected.

    Get those birds Stanley!! Good Boy! 🙂

  4. laura said

    My first beagle, Henry, proudly brought in a bird one time and plopped it on the floor. My second beagle Max on the hand only had a taste for possums and his lifetime record was Max 4 – Possums 0.

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