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The Bottle Cap

Posted by laurie on March 17, 2010

While Phillip has not gone cold turkey on the Diet Mt. Dew, his beverage of choice these days is this store-brand flavored bubbly water. Therefore, there are usually several empty or near-empty bottles floating around and twice as many caps. Stanley likes to chew on the caps. The sound is quite distinctive and as soon as I hear it I grab him and yank the cap out of his mouth. But when Phillip heard that distinctive sound the other night he was unable to pry open Stan’s jaws. “Bring me a treat,” he called. Which I did, but instead of trading the cap for the treat, somehow he managed to swallow both of them. I thought to myself, “this must be a dream and I can wake myself up!” but of course I couldn’t. So I called the vet. Who said that we could bring him in and they’d x-ray him or we could monitor for signs of vomiting, pain, etc. Frankly I didn’t want to do either! The x-ray would only identify the bottle cap and how long would we have to monitor him? Days? Weeks? What would I tell my boss? And how was a bottle cap going to make its way through the intestines of a 25 pound dog?

He looks like a good little boy, doesn’t he? Don’t believe it for a second.

So Phillip called our vet friend who suggested that we make him throw up. Throw up a bottle cap? How? I dug out the bottle of hydrogen peroxide I had in the doggy medicine shelf but it had been there for years and when I opened it it was completely flat and devoid of odor. So Phillip drove to the store and got two more bottles. Which also seemed rather flat, but we administered it anyway, several times, to no avail. So I went out to get even more hydrogen peroxide. But just after I returned, we had liftoff. Stanley vomited the entire contents of his stomach: supper, carrots, treats, and miraculously, the bottle cap. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we have beagles.

Now, your homework is to go out and buy a fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide and one of these syringe thingies (or a turkey baster) in case you need it. Hopefully you won’t have to thank me!

31 Responses to “The Bottle Cap”

  1. Isis' Mom said

    I am so glad to hear that Stan the Man is doing well. I actually laughed out loud when you said “He looks like a good little boy, don’t believe it for a second” because I have a little girl who knows how to work me and she is so bad but I can never get mad at her because the moment I am like “Isis why did you do that” she looks at me like she is SO SORRY and I instantly forgive her.

  2. Darlene Main said

    This story made me laugh out loud…poor Stan…”we had lift-off”….cracks me up!

  3. Rita said

    Poor Stanley. It’s not easy being a doctors kid.

  4. lucy's mom said

    Oh my gosh, what a rascal, and he looks so sweet.

  5. Melissa said

    I have one of the looks really sweet kind, too, and I can tell you exactly how much peroxide it takes to get a 30 lb. beagle to throw up a knee high nylon. Or a 13 gallon garbage bag. Or a 6 foot leash…

  6. Joan said

    We are always thankful for hydrogen peroxide. One of our dogs ate a bag of chocolate chips. It worked wonders. Very messy, but no vet visit.

  7. Jan said

    Ah, beagles! Eat anything, ask questions later (or never).

  8. Tam said

    Cuteness factor saves their lives in my house. I was pulling numerous things out of Elvis’ mouth yesterday. And he looks so innocent. Yeah. Riiiiight.

  9. Carol Lee said

    Wow!! If it doesn’t fizz, it won’t work!

  10. Rebeca said

    Thanks for the hydrogen peroxide tip. I had no idea that it could be used that way. Trumbo is actually very good about not grabbing non-edible stuff to chew on. It’s Alvah, the JRT, who wants to put everything in his mouth. Luckily, we’re pretty nimble and have fast reflexes that we can pick up the item before he races to grab it.

  11. Gloria said

    Deja vouz! One of our friends was visiting and dropping the two Advil tablets from his hand, before anyone could bend over and pick them up, Suzie had swallowed them. Those beagles are vacuum cleaners! So I called the vet and he said, “Make her throw up.” So we used the hydorgen peroxide tip and went outside. It was awful but sure enough amid the dog food, vomit and foam lay two Advil tablets! He only added instruction was to give her two teaspoons of Pepto Bismal to calm her tummy.

  12. John Mac said

    Laurie & Philip, You may recall that your beloved Scooter fell to the same treatment after he ate the chocolate cake that the 4 of us were ready to share at your home one winter evening a few years ago? I had the ‘death grip’ on Scooter while Philip delivered the prescription…ah those beagles!

    John & Diane

  13. Cathy said

    I guess I’m going to have to start bringing hydrogen peroxide on our walks, which the beagles consider to be traveling buffets. I don’t mind the dead bird heads and squirrel poop so much (Okay, I DO care. That’s icky.), but I’m really concerned they’re going to snag a mushroom or some other poisonous morsel.

  14. ChristyACB said

    Okay…how is it possible that having 2 Beagles, one of them quite naughty, that I didn’t know the Hydrogen Peroxide thing? Poor Gigi has had enough enemas at the vet that she even knows th word! ::shudders::

    So, anyone got a good tip on where I should look up dosages and so on.

    And that brings me to Boscoe the Lederhosen. He has terrible teeth (what few he has left) from having no dental care until he was rescued. I’m trying to save his last 2 main chewing teeth so I brush them frequently. BUT, I also dip the toothbrush in Hydrogen Peroxide and get down in the visible root (they are really bad) to keep them infection free.

    Am I gonna cause nausea doing that? Poor big man!

    Super glad the Staninator is doing better. He *does* look like a sweet and good boy. Harumph…Beagles!

  15. Leslie Landeros said

    After having a four beagle history, hydogen peroxide is a must. Just a few weeks ago Benji got hold of a “feminine hygiene” product. Out came the peroxide and a few minutes later it was like a volcano erupted! His stomach was definiely empty.

  16. Velva said

    My Stickley once got his mouth on an entire ripe peach and he managed to ingest the entire fruit before we could stop him. Since he’s not known for chewing his food, we didn’t worry too much about the arsenic issue, but we were very worried about how it would come out. He had dry heaves all night, and then at about four in the morning he raced downstairs as I frantically threw clothes on and deposited the pit and not much else in the front foyer.

    Wynnie once got hold of an unripe persimmon and managed to give herself severe constipation for 24 hours.

    My conclusion… beagles and fruit trees don’t mix.

  17. Julie said


    It takes quite a bit of hydrogen peroxide to make a dog vomit. My approximately 35 pound hound needs at least half a cup before he’ll vomit. I doubt that the small amount that you use for tooth brushing will make your dog nauseated.

  18. Tom said

    Beagles are rascals when they are pups up to 2 to 3 years. Plato used to grab pens off our tables and make a chew toy out of them. Usually we got to him in time to remove it before he got to the ink. But, one time he disappeared after swiping a pen and had himself a meal. Naturally when I found him he had gotten ink smeared all over his snout and on the carpet. Human explodes…Beagle heads for the hills…no more pen chewing. But, it was funny. I only wish I had a picture of his face. It was a site to see. Moral of the story. Beagles are natures natural vacuums. 🙂

  19. Scott said

    Glad to learn Stanley is okay. Sound like maybe “Capper” or “Caps” might be his nickname? “Fizz Boy” “Fizz Ball” “Hydo” ??

    One caution. Don’t induce vomiting if your dog has swallowed something sharp like chicken bone. May do more damage on the way up than the way down.

    My past dog, lab mix, swalled is leash, except for about one inch – just caught it in time. I sat him down, and slowly pulled all six feet of leash out of him. He was oblivious to the whole ordeal.

    Scott and Scout

  20. Vivian said

    It’s 1:30pm and I’m sitting at work eating my lunch and checking out the beagle sites I love to visit every day when I clicked on to your daily digital commentary. Welll I almost spit my granola bar out of my mouth with your comment “we have liftoff”. Priceless…just priceless comment! Couldn’t stop laughting! Been there, done that, and it does feel like “liftoff” when they finally barf up the contents. And as disgusting as it sounds, you’re glad to see the contents. YUCK! Yes our beagles never less of forget that they ARE beagles and therefore they ARE chow hounds of any kind! On a more serious note, I’m glad he’s okay and he has such good parents that know just what to do. Such lucky boys!


  21. Lois said

    I didn’t know about Hydrogen Peroxide. I’m going to buy a new bottle & a syringe this weekend! Andy managed to pull apart a box of staples without ingesting any. Sherry, however scarfs down staight pins. We didn’t even realize the first time she did swallowed one — we were just lucky enough to have an appointment with our vet for a chest X-ray that day – so the vet got Sherry to throw up the pin & the fabric it was attached to. The second time – I caught her tearing up my pin-cushion & assumed correctly that she’d eaten a pin. We’ve caught her just in the nick of time on several other occasions. And I try so hard to make sure that the pins, needles, quilts in progress are up where she can’t reach them – but somehow there’s always a stray pin that finds its way onto the floor.

  22. Erik H. said

    We recently learned the hydrogen peroxide trick ourselves after one of our beagles snatched up a Tylenol my daughter dropped. For us, it worked rather quickly.

  23. Cecelia said

    It is amazing what beagles will scarf down, my Shepherd is so much pickier. LOL We had quite a few episodes of the Vet asking, “He ate what?” followed by “Well, the garbage gut will last for a few days!” I knew about the Hydrogen Peroxide trick. The first beagle we had after we got married decided he wanted to eat a whole package of birth control pills. Ay yi yi

    Glad he is okay.


  24. George Burns said

    Wow! Lucky guy! I ate a toothpick and my Mom & Dad had to take me in for a suregery to recover it. It was not good for any of us.

  25. Vatriss said

    The late Abigail van Beagle definitely had a cast iron stomach & at least 9 lives. Twice, she ate glass out of the trash can (1 broken light bulb & 1 broken drinking glass). Never saw any blood or discomfort, just glass shards in the piles on the lawn. She ate the decorative red apples off my Christmas tree, and left pink puddles for about a week. Ate an entire bag of chocolate chips, but had the good sense to stick her nose between my couch cushions to throw it all up. I found it by accident-eww.

  26. Karen S. said

    I guess I’m lucky that the only forbidden things that Rowdy snacks on is poop, cardboard, and paper bags. The other 2 like to eat grass.

  27. Lois said

    I told my husband about the hydrogen peroxide thing last night & he informed me that Sherry didn’t need that – she’d thrown up on her own yesterday afternoon. I asked what she’d swallowed, but Sam said he didn’t know. This morning I discovered that the receiver on one phone is no longer connected to the phone. Ah-Ha – Yesterday’s creative ingestion was a bit of telephone cord!

  28. Nadine Wiseman said

    As far as preventing the swallowing of objects in the first place, we have found that blowing in the nose of the dog can cause it to release its jaws, allowing you a brief opportunity to fetch the object from the mouth. But only the first time, then it will figure out what you’re up to.

  29. John & Karen said

    Our beagle-mix has a nightly bottle cap routine. We hand him a plastic bottle and he removes the cap and the ring, spitting them both out. That is a highly anticipated event and he reminds me about it if I forget. Fortunately, he has never swallowed either cap or ring. Cat poop & owl droppings are more to his liking.

    I was unaware of the use of hydrogen peroxide to promote vomiting. How much does one use and how in the world do you get it down them?

  30. Harper said

    I can’t tell y’all how much fun and education I obtained reading all the messages!!! I’ve been reading a few aloud to my husband and have made plans to purchase a fresh bottle of peroxide soon!
    (crossing fingers and knocking on wood) so far we’ve been mostly lucky… found out the hard way that our beagle, Whisky Girl (and former Daily Digital “fill in”) is HIGHLY allergic to bees… she inhaled a bee and had a major allergic reaction… many kudos to the emergency vet in Arroyo Grande, California… she thought she saw the stinger, took Whisky Girl in the back to use the magnifying glass and light, and low and behold, found the stinger still in her nose… Thank goodness for Benedryl. I am now very cautious with our new kitty’s toys… the beagle loves to nosh on them… CVS and peroxide, here I come!
    Thanks all!!!

  31. Bandit's mommy said

    Our beagle was always eating things he should’nt. LOaves of bread off the counter chocolate and pudding. (we know it was just chocolate pudding because of the opened chocolat box and th unopened vanilla box.)

    about three years ago our beagle bandit ate three pounds of chocolate. We immediately called the vet and he prescribd hydrogen peroxide. Two hours later, and a half bottle of peroxide, we got vomit clear of chocolate. It turns out Bandit ate a bag of kissables and a lot of hershey kisses, wrappers and all. For several weeks afterward, we had a colorful back yard.

    i never ate kissables again

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