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Sir Sherm-a-lot

Posted by laurie on March 19, 2010

Many thanks to Linda for today’s nickname for Sherman. I love it.
We took the boys on a walk on the canal path the other night, the water had receded and it was pretty dry. As soon as Stanley got his first sniff he became a howling banshee. Stanley can NOT be off the leash and I prefer Phillip to walk him because, despite all the swimming I do, this 25-pound dog is stronger than I am. That made it easy for me because Sir Sherm-a-lot can be off leash. He likes to walk just behind Phillip (who is being pulled by Stan at speeds approximating those found in a cyclotron) but he’s a beagle and he stops frequently to sniff and pee. This causes him to get behind, and if the distance exceeds more than about 10 yards, he goes into a full gallop to catch up. “Wait for me!!” He’s just as cute as can be, that Sir Sherm-a-lot.

14 Responses to “Sir Sherm-a-lot”

  1. Leah said

    I love Sir Sherm-a-Lot – the name and the dog himself!

  2. Monka said

    I started laughing when I read that Stan becomes a howling banshee! Baxter does that every now and then and as annoying as it may be, you can’t help but laugh. Oh the life of a beagle ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Linda said

    Just like when I won the friday caption contest a few years ago…..I was so happy today when you chose my nickname! The picture today is Perfect!

  4. Tam said

    Oh yes, familiar with the banshee howling…happens when the park near us floods…all those interesting smells once the waters recede. And the banshee is usually Elvis. Abbey will sniff and sniff and sniff but she won’t howl at something like that–though she’s the one who usually barks.

  5. Jenny said

    I’m glad someone else feels weak compared to their dog. You would think because you were bigger, you’d be stronger too? No…

  6. Kellie said

    My beagle Jake is so funny, I find myself walking a collar and leash as he plants himself and knows how to hold his head just right to let it slide right over his head. He is quiet and slow, Yes he is a beagle! However he stops abruptly and I keep going…..Luckily he doesn’t bolt, Yes he is a beagle! Slightly overweight and happy to be with me ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Angela said

    It is amazing how such a small animal can nearly pull your arm out of its socket the moment they track a scent! They’re like little compact steamrollers! Aroooooooooo!

    I love the Sir Sherm-a-lot nickname, too, Sir Sherm-a-lot, the chick magnet. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds like your boys’ personalities complement each other well!

  8. Bonnie said

    Sir Sherm-a-lot – great nickname!! And I love this picture! You just want to smooch that little beagle face all over!!

  9. Dawn K said

    This picture is great! You can tell Sherman is one happy beagle. I had 2 female beagles, but sadly lost them both last year. Oh how I miss them. They were my babies. Maybe someday we will invest our hearts once again, but for now I check the DD everyday & smile. I have followed BOTW for several years now & enjoy all the pictures!! Keep up the good work!!

  10. Karen S. said

    He looks like he just knows he’s cute.

  11. Peggy said

    Tell Sir Sherm-a-lot that the beauteous Lady Penny is eager to meet him; perhaps at a Beagle Meetup?

  12. Tom said

    Sniff and pee…Sniff and Pee…Thats walking a beagle.

  13. Scott said

    howling banshee! Yep! Know it well!

  14. Jennifer said

    I wish I can meet these characters!

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