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Posted by laurie on March 23, 2010

Those of you with boy beagles have seen this a million times. Boy beagle #1 identifies a peeing spot, circles around it a couple of times, lifts one leg — NOPE, then the other. Pees for about 1/4 of a second. Maybe 1/3.

Boy beagle #2 furtively moves in. Sniffs. Realizes that Boy beagle #1 had indeed left his mark. Circles around furiously trying to find the best position. Looks away, pretending not to notice. Pees for 1/2 second. Goes on his merry way. Occasionally the first beagle will return, I used to see that a lot with Clayton, Spenser and Scooter. Do girl beagles have this same bizarre ritual?

Oh, and chives? They grow in large clumps all over the yard in early spring.

25 Responses to “Chives”

  1. Nancy Prouser said

    Don’t know about girl beagles, but my boy and girl basset hounds perform the same ritual. Sometimes she pees first and he makes sure the grass gets killed, and other times he’s first and she completes the task. They are certainly creatures of habit!

  2. Isis' Mom said

    I only have one girl beagle but when I take her to the dog park she always goes where another dog has just marked.

    And when we go for a walk around my complex I always tell her that all the trees and poles are not hers but she makes a point to mark at least 5 of them along the way. She will even lift her leg onto the tree (kinda like a boy dog) to make sure that she goes in the exact area as the dog before her.

  3. Susan in DE said

    I have a girl and boy beagle, and they’ll do that when we’re on a walk, but not in our yard. If they’re sniffing the spot at the same time, Jordan may decide to start peeing while Josie’s still sniffing — there have been many near misses. And sometimes Josie will actually lift her leg so she can mark higher than where Jordan left his mark — we know who’s top dog in our house!

  4. Darlene Main said

    I counted the other day as we have a boy beagle (our first male)-21 times to pee/mark on a 40 minute walk…our girl beagle went about 5 times…many times on top of his…didn’t realize until we got a boy how much they really feel the need to mark!

  5. Michelle said

    We have two female beagles, if one goes, the other one will sniff the area, but move on. They will not pee in the same area.

  6. Mark Wold said

    Our older Beagle Ruby sniffs all around and finds the spot. And then Sophie swoops in to make sure that spot is good and soaked. But it isn’t marking at all. They will normally empty their bladders instead of 1/2 second squirts.

    Our first shelter Beagle Rosie would mark her territory while on walks even though being a girl. Having lived 5 years in a puppy mill, she had a lot of little quirks. Like when I taught her to shake paws, I couldn’t ever get her to offer a front paw. She would sit and roll over on her right cheek a bit and lift her left rear paw. All with a goofy little smile on her face. She loved being a part of a family.

  7. Lucy M. said

    My beagle baby (a 12 year old baby) will sniff and sniff and sniff to find just the right spot before relieving herself. She might take a quick squat later on during our walk…she’ll even begin to squat after sniffing a particular spot, then shange her mind at the last minute and move on. She’s quite the scamp! As for the chives – our yards are full of them! Welcome, Spring!!

  8. Sue K said

    I have only had boy beagles, but I did have a girl Welsh Corgi and whenever Louie (our beagle mix at the time) peed, she would go right behind him and pee girly style but with one leg off the ground just a bit – of course she was a rather short girl anyway! So, I don’t think it matters whether they be boy or girl, they both want the world to know where they have been!

  9. Scott said

    Although there is nothing better on a baked potato than fresh chive. I would pass up the opportunity! đŸ™‚

    I read somewhere that when there is a vertical structure (like a pole) that dogs will try to get the highest mark as a sign of dominance.

  10. Scooby's Mom said

    When we’re on a road trip and make a stop at a gas station, Scooby has to go pee at least 3 to 5 times. He can’t go pee all in one shot…gotta do the marking thing. But his marking pees are 2 to 3 seconds long, not half second jobs. Before we got to know his routine, we’d let him pee once then start driving down the highway again when he would start howling! He still needed to go pee! So we’d pull over and start the process again.

    When he was a puppy though, he was only comfortable peeing in his own yard! He had a full bladder but didn’t want to do his business anywhere but home! It sure made things difficult when we took him on weekend trips to visit family…we would have a 3 hour drive, then have to spend at least 30 minutes outside with him, coaxing him to pee in a new yard! Glad those days are over!

  11. Tonya said

    Betty Lu and Dino do this. Anywhere Betty Lu goes, Dino HAS to pee there too!! Crazy funny!

  12. NancyJ said

    I can attest to the fact that girl Beagles do this, as well as girl Dobermans and girl American Eskimos. My Eskie could heist her leg with the best of ’em. With the current crew, it’s primarily a “pee-off” between Sugar, the Beagle, and Saleen, honorary beagle (aka Doberman). Sometimes, Saleen zooms into Sugar’s spot so fast, she almost pees on Sugar.

    Oh, yes, we have 1 boy Beagle and he anoints all kinds of things. Including me and my flat of plants, one spring.

  13. BookerMoose said

    It is interesting to hear how many other people have girl dogs who also lift their legs to mark – our eldest beagle girl Booker does it too – she can aim her pee quite far up the tree that way!

    And what is with the scratching and flinging of dirt after a poop – only our boy beagles do that…

    • Bonnie said

      Girls do the scratch and fling thing, too – I believe it’s part of the marking ritual across the animal kingdom, as animals in the wild also do it. Our Spunky does it not only after a poop, but sometimes after a pee as well. Anything to let the other neighborhood dogs know she’s been out and about…..

  14. Tom said

    Plato pees on everything that is coming out of the ground. Even when the tank is empty.

  15. Leah said

    Yep, my girl does the same thing, only she squats of course. Then she scratches furiously. Love ’em!

  16. Kriste said

    My girls do the same thing. Emily will find the spot, pee and keep walking. Libby will RUN to the spot, sniff, squat but lift one foot as if not to step in it and pee whith head turned as if she thinks that if she is not looking at me, then I don’t see what she is doing!

  17. Tam said

    It isn’t just beagles…our beagle do it, yes, but my father in law’s schnauzer, Boomer (he and I are best buds while we’re down here…good way to get out and about) is very caring about the trees in the trailer park: He waters all of them. Oh, several times. And a few leaf piles and tufts of grass, too. He is such a sweet boy, caring about these things. And visiting…he’s the social butterfly of the park. Everyone knows him.

  18. Gracie Allen said

    My brother does this all the time, but I refrain. However, as soon as I finish George comes in behind me and covers my scent with his….. When I was a pup, he would ‘rush’ and Mom would then have to give me a bath.

  19. Judy S said

    I have dachshunds, not beagles. Sometimes the male will mark where the female has peed. But there is something funnier. The female makes a big production of peeing and circles and sashays around before she finds the perfect place. She prefers to pee on snow rather than grass or dirt. One she has found the perfect spot and has completed the task she turns around and sniffs her pee. Making sure it it is hers? I don’t know. She is dachshund no. 4 and the first one to do this.

  20. Jenn (Sammy and Bosco) said

    remind me not to have a salad at your house….
    oh wait – it’s the story of my life!

  21. Marcy (Dixie,Buddy & Scout) said

    I havae 3 beagles a girl (from a puppy) and 2 boy rescue. Dixie will pee where both boys go. Scout and Buddy will be where the other pees if we are on a walk, in the backyard they don’t seem to do it as much. We travel in a motorcoach and last year while walking the pack we knew we could hurry up the potty park of the walk if we walked Dixie behind the boys as she will always go where they go and lifts he left leg each time. Needless to say she is the pack leader but wouldn’t know it by her manner. She ride shotgun on the boys with a look and they both will stop what they are doing.

  22. Patty said

    Yes. My Lady Beagle does..that ..she will go to the spot the boy did and mark it too…

  23. Karen S. said

    So that’s how they make lemon grass!

  24. Harper said

    Weird question here… I know onions are bad for dogs… but are chives? Maybe because the boys are marking the chives, not an issue… but… just wondered.
    Harper & Whisky Girl Beagle in California.

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