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Spring Cleaning

Posted by laurie on March 29, 2010

Today’s post is not about the beagles, but about their hard-working domestic help. Phillip took most of Friday off and he and a friend dismantled the remains of the shed that came down in the snow and hauled it into a dumpster that we rented. Let me tell you, there is nothing so liberating as a dumpster in your driveway. They filled almost half of it and then on Saturday we proceeded to fill ‘er up. We started low-key, in the closet in Phillip’s bathroom. But by ten we had arrived in the mother-in-law suite. Have I ever mentioned the mother-in-law suite? It’s comprised of two small rooms over the garage. There is a stairway in the garage to get there, and soon after we moved in, Phillip broke through the wall in the guestroom closet so we’d have more direct access. Phillip used it as his office until we got rid of the hot tub, and since then it has been nothing more than storage. I stored an old backpack in there, and Phillip filled it with everything else. He’s a bit of a packrat and the thing is, he has had multiple careers and has many hobbies, and hence he has collected a lot of stuff along the way. He would not part with his two pairs of Air Force boots, but did get rid of a bunch of medical books which are probably now all wrong, about a quarter of his t-shirt collection, and miles of wire and cable. We did keep two beagles, including the one who put just about everything that dropped in his mouth. He almost went into the dumpster but he’s just so darn cute…

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