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Linus van Pelt?

Posted by laurie on March 31, 2010

Whenever I ask, “Does your beagle do this?” the answer is invariably “Yes!” So I will assume that Stanley is not the only one with this endearing habit of grasping the doggy bed with his front paws and sinking his teeth into it, then remaining motionless for awhile. This is not to be confused with grasping the doggy bed in his mouth and dragging it around the house. He does that too, but in those rare moments of the day when he’s not moving, he can frequently be found like this. It’s like Linus with his thumb and security blanket and it’s so cute!

12 Responses to “Linus van Pelt?”

  1. Leah said

    My beagle Sam did that…

  2. Lois said

    Sherry likes to wraps herself in her one of her favorite blankets (usually one that she’s dragged off our bed). She also pulls her bedding out of her crate & drags it all over the house.

    Passover will always remind us of Andy – who did a wonderful rendition of the Plague of Wild Beasts at one Seder.

  3. Ellen said

    Of all the dogs I’ve ever had, I’ve never seen any of them do this.

  4. Angela said

    Yes! Yes! Yes! So adorable that Stanley does this, too. I think it’s one of the most adorable things to watch. Truman also will make kneading motions with his front paws on the blanket. It reminds me of a pup feeding on his mother, and I wonder if that’s what they’re reverting to when they do this. He usually does this in the evening, when he’s winding down. They just look so blissed out, don’t they? 🙂 I love Stanley’s scrunched up nose; I just want to kiss the top of his head!

  5. Angela said

    This was my similar post (and similar photo!) from a few years ago.

  6. Lisa said

    My Spot used to do that all the time. He would go through a great production number of pouncing on a blanket or dog bed, barking at it, ripping holes in it, dragging it all over the place before bunching it up underneath his head and front paws and clamping down on it with his mouth. He would then be absolutely still, but not always asleep. I think he must have thought the blanket was his prey and he was dominating it.

  7. Harper said

    Hmmm Whisky Girl Beagle doesn’t do that; she does the typical turn around three times before snuggling in to sleep (on my husband and my bed), but I have yet to see her knead and “gnaw”. However, our Lab, JD, will nibble at our sleeves and/or shirt tails when we get home… it’s never a hard chew, but a little nibble… like he’s tasting where we’ve been and just so happy to see us!

  8. Vivian said

    My first beagle Lucy use to do that with a pillow that became her security pillow. She would carry it everywhere with her and when she stopped she would fall asleep with her mouth and paws grasping it just like Stanley does. Of course I also had to sew up a few puncture marks as well and washed it dozens of times cause it would smell. But she loved that pillow!

  9. Liz Fyfe said

    Shiloh does this, I’ve never had a dog do it either though. She grabs a stuffed toy (her ‘baby’), jumps on her couch or bed, and starts to knead and whine, then eventually fall asleep with her toy in her mouth. It’s so cute, I think it makes her feel comfy.

  10. Dee said

    awwww! It is the largest “Pacifier” that I have ever seen!

  11. Scott said

    I pity Stanley’s mom! 🙂

  12. Cheryl said

    My Buddy does this, only he has a big stuffed dog that he sleeps with the same way. He doesn’t do it with his bed.

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