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The Bottle Cap

Posted by laurie on March 17, 2010

While Phillip has not gone cold turkey on the Diet Mt. Dew, his beverage of choice these days is this store-brand flavored bubbly water. Therefore, there are usually several empty or near-empty bottles floating around and twice as many caps. Stanley likes to chew on the caps. The sound is quite distinctive and as soon as I hear it I grab him and yank the cap out of his mouth. But when Phillip heard that distinctive sound the other night he was unable to pry open Stan’s jaws. “Bring me a treat,” he called. Which I did, but instead of trading the cap for the treat, somehow he managed to swallow both of them. I thought to myself, “this must be a dream and I can wake myself up!” but of course I couldn’t. So I called the vet. Who said that we could bring him in and they’d x-ray him or we could monitor for signs of vomiting, pain, etc. Frankly I didn’t want to do either! The x-ray would only identify the bottle cap and how long would we have to monitor him? Days? Weeks? What would I tell my boss? And how was a bottle cap going to make its way through the intestines of a 25 pound dog?

He looks like a good little boy, doesn’t he? Don’t believe it for a second.

So Phillip called our vet friend who suggested that we make him throw up. Throw up a bottle cap? How? I dug out the bottle of hydrogen peroxide I had in the doggy medicine shelf but it had been there for years and when I opened it it was completely flat and devoid of odor. So Phillip drove to the store and got two more bottles. Which also seemed rather flat, but we administered it anyway, several times, to no avail. So I went out to get even more hydrogen peroxide. But just after I returned, we had liftoff. Stanley vomited the entire contents of his stomach: supper, carrots, treats, and miraculously, the bottle cap. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we have beagles.

Now, your homework is to go out and buy a fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide and one of these syringe thingies (or a turkey baster) in case you need it. Hopefully you won’t have to thank me!

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Posted by laurie on March 16, 2010

When I got home from work yesterday I found a dead bird on the stairway. There is no cat in the house so I had to assume it was deposited there by a beagle whose name starts with “S”. I have a feeling the third letter might be “A” but am not sure. Anyway, here is one of the boys’ daily episodes of tug-a-war, this time with one of our many winter accoutrements left on the floor. Many years ago when Phillip encountered Clayton and Spenser playing tug-a-war with a groundhog, he realized that it is not a competition but a cooperative act: two jaws are better than one.

Soon all of our winter accessories will go into drawers for the next six months, limiting available tug toys. And speaking of “toys,” Be sure to tune in tomorrow when I tell you about The Bottle Cap (fourth letter a resounding “N”).

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It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!

Posted by laurie on March 15, 2010

Snow is so pretty (this was from a few weeks back). Rain, totally unattractive. This weekend’s Nor’easter featured only the latter. We were very lucky not to lose any trees or power.

Phillip was woodchipping the branches on Sunday from the tree that fell during the last storm when it started to thunder and lightning followed by hail. Goodness! A certain beagle whose name starts with an “S” (second letter “T”, last letter “Y”) did not not enjoy going out in the pouring rain, and poopied twice inside. Tsk, tsk.

I think I’ll make it to work although I’m going to have to drive far way out of my way to avoid the flooding. When Hurricane Floyd hit many years ago, the white fence was completely under water and our neighbor came canoeing down the road.

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Sherman Kramer, at your service.

Posted by laurie on March 12, 2010

Sherm, Shermaderm, Shermanator. Still kind of low on nicknames. Any ideas?

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Lick, Rinse, Repeat

Posted by laurie on March 11, 2010

Clayton was an excellent assistant with the dishes and I so miss his help each night. But as you can see, Stanley has more than adequately filled his shoes and I’m sure Clayton would be proud. I’m grateful that Stan is twelve pounds lighter than Clayton. I wonder how many dishwasher doors come unhinged by an overzealous and overweight chow hound?

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Like Apples and Oranges

Posted by laurie on March 10, 2010

While not one of my better efforts, composition-wise, this photo beautifully illustrates the main difference between Sherman and Stanley. Given a human’s attention, Stanley wants to play – fetch, tug, chase, you name it – while Sherman wants nothing more than a 90 minute full-body massage with Enya playing in the background. Their names might sound similar but these are two very different beagles!

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Posted by laurie on March 9, 2010

It was a glorious 60 degrees yesterday and the only snow left in central NJ is here in our yard. Phillip keeps shoveling it into the sun where it has a better chance to melt. March in the Northeast is a notoriously flighty month, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it snows next week.

So in addition to bronchitis and an ear infection, Stanley tested positive for giardia! Honestly, I AM trying to take good care of this dog!

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Cough, cough.

Posted by laurie on March 8, 2010

Stanley developed a cough last week which seemed to be getting better until Friday night when he woke us up several times. So Phillip called our vet friend who got us an appointment on Saturday morning. I was kind of nervous because the cough reminded me of Clayton and here we were, back at the vet. But he thinks it’s just a bronchitis and prescribed an antibiotic and a cough suppressant. Plus ear drops for an ear infection.

I think it was hound day at the vet. There were three other beagles and two basset hounds.

Sherman was apparently dumbfounded meeting Homer and Marge, the brother and sister bassets. I forgot the bulldog’s name but he was a stray and they had recently taken him in. Imagine having two 75-pound dogs and taking in a bulldog! And I thought I was a dog person!

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The Lip

Posted by laurie on March 5, 2010

This is what we call “The Lip.” It’s a fixture in Stan’s repertoire and it cracks me up every time, he looks so darn goofy. That I caught it on a memory card was an unintentional but fortuitous accident. Stanley reminds us in so many ways of Scooter and although Scooter didn’t have “The Lip” he sure acted like he did!

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Feng Shui

Posted by laurie on March 4, 2010

For Stan, a dog bed does double duty: as a napping venue and as a chew toy. I’ve had to throw out two dogs beds recently that he’s destroyed. He frequently carries them around the house, and I think that he’s practicing Feng Shui. I actually don’t often see him SLEEPING in a bed, because he rarely sleeps. But he’s only two, so we’re giving him time.

Thank-you all for yesterday’s grammar advice. Aren’t these comments terrific? Feel free to join in, don’t be shy!

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