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Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programming…

Posted by courtneayparsons on April 30, 2010

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the DD readers out there. Laurie has such an amazing blog…made even more amazing by its interactive audience. I was looking forward to a week with Sherm and Stan, but I never expected my daily post to be one of the highlights of their stay with us. Laurie will be back on Monday (I can’t wait to see the boys’ reactions when they see her and Phillip coming up the walk on Sunday morning.)

Here are a few more Beagle Camp highlights of two campers who were indeed the little gentlemen that their mommy hoped they would be…

The sun is back!

Stanley is almost glowing now that the weather once again favors outdoor fun

Games continue in the rec center (i.e., family room) even with the sunny weather. As it turns out, any toy sufficiently large enough to allow Sherman to grab one end and Stanley to grab the other is suitable for two-dog tug.

A little dog naps in an oversized chair and somehow makes the chair seem perfectly Sherman-sized. His ability to nap anywhere--in almost any position--amazes me. He is sleeping on almost every toy in the house in this shot (I moved all of them up there so I could vacuum and he climbed in before I had the chance to take them down).

Maggie will hold down the fort here at Beagle Camp when the boys go home. I think she'll miss her playmates (once she wakes up from what will likely be a 2-day nap!).

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Two words:

Posted by laurie on April 29, 2010

Whale shark.

So there we were, ascending at the end of our dive when all of a sudden people started to point and flail around and when I looked, there was this ~15 foot whale shark. And as you can see it got pretty close to me. I did not realize at the time what a big deal this was. Whale shark sightings are incredibly rare and several of the people in the group with 700-1000 dives had never seen one. Whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea and can get to 40 feet or so. This was a baby. I was the only one with the camera ready and enjoyed a little celebrity status at the resort. Hi Sherman!! Hi Stanley!!

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My blanket is 100% pure beagle…

Posted by courtneayparsons on April 29, 2010

…I’ve gotten very used to this view in the last week. I think today will be a bit lonelier (and my lap a bit colder) as the sun is back in force.

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Allow me to set the scene…

Posted by courtneayparsons on April 28, 2010

The coveted loot

It all begins innocently enough...

Balls are thrown...(note Maggie's position of stealth - she's the one who has removed most of the green from that ball before she threw it to Stanley, and she's just waiting for the opportunity to steal it back)

Maggie the Thief succeeds in the theft...and wrestling ensues...

Maggie the Lovable Coward retreats

Stanley tries briefly to coax Sherman into the game...

...and the round ends as every round of playtime ends here at Beagle Camp...Maggie (foreground) and Sherman (background) are done, while Stanley begs for more. Poor other beagle can keep up with him! (It is at this point that I have to put the camera down - time to join the playtime efforts and throw a few balls that Stanley is powerless to ignore - he MUST chase them down.)

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I have no words…

Posted by courtneayparsons on April 27, 2010

…to describe the cuteness that is Sherman Kramer. It goes without saying that I absolutely adore my Maggie girl, and Stanley is a true sweetheart with a personality worthy of its own sitcom. But the beagle that most frequently inspires me to grab my camera lately to capture an unreal level of cute is Sherm-A-Derm. See below.

The eyes open briefly during a nap in my lap. Just glad I had the camera handy.

A mid-yawn shot (although, in my opinion, he looks less like he's yawning and more like he's mid-sentence)

As for the pack in general, activities here at Beagle Camp have shifted indoors a bit with all the rain we’ve had – the boys and girl seem to concentrate their exercise sessions in the yard into short bursts of fevered running so they can get back inside where it’s dry and warm. Stanley seems to mind the rain the least, but he refuses to stay outdoors if his playmates have opted for inside time. We picked up some new (durable) NylaBones to keep the group busy until the urge to nap takes over.

Three Beagles with their NylaBones

Brothers napping

Maggie napping

Napping's fine, but Stanley checks frequently to see if the sun is back so he can convince Maggie and Sherman that outside is once again the place to be!

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Mr. Turtle

Posted by laurie on April 26, 2010

How wonderful to check the DD this afternoon and see that our boys are doing so well! Thank-you SO much, Courtneay and Lance! Courtneay emailed us to say that Stan has caught two mice already. Ooops. Here’s the second of two turtles I saw this morning. You never get tired of seeing turtles, they are the most graceful swimmers, just beautiful. Weather is HOT and SUNNY and we’re having fun!

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An update on the Kramer boys…

Posted by courtneayparsons on April 26, 2010

Hi all!

The Beagle Camp counselors are checking in with the Daily Digital to let everyone know that the boys are doing very well during their first extended stay away from home. The weekend was split evenly between chasing rabbits and balls in the yard and sunbathing/napping on the couch or the back porch. Stanley and Sherman are rapidly teaching our 6-year-old beagle Maggie what it means to have 2 little brothers (and she has slept more soundly every night as a result of all the mayhem that having said brothers entails).

Whether it’s a ball or a rabbit, Stanley is definitely the most skilled hunter, but Sherman remains the napping champion.

Maggie and Stanley watch as Sherman tastes victory (he FINALLY managed to snatch the ball away from the bigger beagles!)

Maggie teaching Stanley to enjoy one of her all-time favorite activities - sunbathing on the porch (she picked up a love for this as a puppy growing up in the Arizona desert)

Not surprisingly, Sherman would rather nap where there are humans nearby (he was asleep until I got up to grab the shot of Maggie and Stanley on the porch).

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Stingray with friend

Posted by laurie on April 25, 2010

Weather’s great, water’s warm, fish are in abundance! Hi Stanley! Hi Sherman!

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Off to beagle camp

Posted by laurie on April 23, 2010

I sure hope that these two young gentlemen behave themselves at beagle camp. Their orientation is this afternoon at 3:00 and they’re signed up for a whole week. Courtneay is going to take photos and post so no one misses a day of Stanley and Sherman and Maggie. I also plan to post some scuba photos. Should be a busy week here at the DD!

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Posted by laurie on April 22, 2010

Last night when I got home from work I noticed some string laid out over the Taj Ma Patio. You know where this is going, right? I asked Phillip what he was doing and of course he was doing nothing. But he’d left the string out after tying up cardboard for recycling. No other damage was done. All in all, a good day!

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