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Spring at last

Posted by laurie on April 7, 2010

For those of you unfamiliar with forsythias, they herald the start of spring with blazing yellow glory. This is just down the road a bit.

Ours, I’m afraid, are a sad excuse for a flowering bush. Notice the boys on the table? The other night we were eating dinner outside and all of a sudden from nowhere, Sherman came BOUNDING up on the table. They seem unable to extrapolate from us eating at the table inside (where he is well-behaved) to outside. Or maybe it’s all a ruse. I lean towards the latter.

8 Responses to “Spring at last”

  1. Harper said

    Wow… what a pretty area you guys live in!!! Quite the Beagle Heaven/Haven…

    Out here in Ca, the lupine is blooming….

    Harper & Whisky Girl Beagle

  2. Jodi & Barnely's Mom said

    Our Beags think the outside table is fair game as well.

  3. Bonnie said

    Table etiquette always seems to go by the wayside when eating outdoors….

  4. Ellen said

    I was sitting on the bench of our picnic table with my back against the table. I didn’t realize that Hemi was on the table until he stuck his nose in my ear. That was not a pleasant surprise.

  5. In my training manuals, I have read not to expect dogs to extrapolate from one setting to another until taught in that setting. A lot of necessary repeating but is easier each time – in theory! HA.

  6. Blue and Daisy Dad said

    Is Phil eating his gloves? Feed the man.

  7. Linda UK said

    Dylan is exactly the same – one of his favourite pastimes is to stand on top of the picnic table barking….

  8. Lois said

    Our forsythia is a pretty sorry sight now — thanks to all those blizzards we had. Too bad you don’t live a hundred miles south — we had Cherry blossoms first, then the forsythia.

    We won’t say what Sherry used to do on her foster mom’s picnic table. Maybe it’s a good thing that we don’t have one. I’m glad she has inside manners!

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