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Posted by laurie on April 19, 2010

No more golf balls (thanks, Rebeca!) for the Stan. Which is not to say that he isn’t getting in trouble. We’re packing for a scuba trip next week and I’ve tried to keep the door to the guestroom shut, but have not always been successful. The other day he brought something downstairs and the noise he made chewing just didn’t sound right, so I got up to find my 25-pound beagle munching on an envelope containing $500. And then while we were packing yesterday he started to chew on my regulator. That’s the piece of gear that lets you BREATHE while you’re underwater (important!). Stanley, what are we going to do with you??

20 Responses to “Yum”

  1. Lori said

    Stan is money hungry!

  2. Kim Jackson said

    Scubba Stan! Just teach him to USE that regulator and they can go with you! I can just see it now! The boys all decked out in face masks and such.

  3. Susan Hann said

    My 8 year old Marley still chews/eats everything! He’s like a 2 year old child – if you don’t see him, he’s doing something bad!
    He actually ate my state tax refund this year – no treats for Marley!

  4. Rebeca said

    Trumbo finally stopped chewing on things about 6 months ago, but he’s also pretty sensitive when he gets scolded and he remembers that tearing up books or cushions are on the “noximeeno no” reprimand list, as in “Noximeeno no chewing on the antique handmade quilt!” Using noximeeno always works. Plain no, never.

    Twenty-five pounds? That’s impressive. Trumbo is 43 pounds. He’s leggy, but I think he needs to lose about 8 pounds and it’s hard around here. The Ol’ Man keeps giving all three mutts buttered “morning bread” and other goodies throughout the day.

  5. C Siding said

    I tried to get Laurie to do a reenactment photo of the money thing. She answered with a firm “no”. Very unusual for Laurie to turn down a DD opportunity.

  6. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    have you tried those interactive toys? They are toys you put treats or kibble in, it is supposed to help with the chewing and destruction. Haven’t tried them in our house, but I did just buy one for my sister’s cocker spaniel.

    I am so glad I am not the only person who’s beagles have eaten money/checks. One of them (never did figure out which one) ate the check my grandmother sent me for my birthday a few years ago. I set it on the coffee table, and when I went to get it, it was gone.

  7. He knows you are leaving and doesnt like it one bit. Our girl Helen seems to know we are leaving before we do! She stands by the door and wont let us leave… Less destructive than eating our money…

    • Marie said

      I have grand jury every Tuesday and Seamus does not like it one bit. I came home one Tuesday and found my Naturilizer clogs chewed up…The next Tuesday he did not chew my shoes but took them to his bed….The next Tuesday he snagged my throw that I use when I am watching TV and dragged that around with him. And yes this will last for 12 to 18 months….I think he knows now when Tuesday is because he just keeps looking at me as I am getting ready to go so I let him keep the throw because it was cheap enough

  8. Jodi & Barnely's Mom said

    Stan said Sherman did it

    • Tam said

      Elvis tries that tactic, too, but 9 times out of 10, it’s not Abbey. Though Abbey isn’t exactly innocent. But she never tries to appear that she is.

  9. Molly's mom said

    That is an amazing picture of Stan. I want to reach out and pet him!

  10. Marie said

    I find it very hard to believe that that cute face could do anything wrong!!! I think there are rumors being spread!

  11. Nancy J said

    None of our Beagles have been chewers, but we had a big, red Doberman that was an eating machine before she turned 1. We lost a couch, a chair, a box spring, and a good-size chunk of our carpet. The most interesting situation happened late one Saturday night–we discovered she had 2 tails. One of them was a pair of pantyhose which she had eaten, and well, was trying to eliminate. We took her to the emergency clinic and they were able to carefully extract them. She was fine, we were nervous wrecks, and much, much more careful of picking up around the house.

  12. Donna said

    I want to thank Laurie for the lesson on Hydrogen Peroxide. Saturday I got a frantic call while I was leaving the shopping center. Oscar swallowed a sample size foil packet that had contained almond butter (about 2″ x 3″) CALL THE VET. NO, I said, Hydrogen peroxide and a turkey baster. First I went into CVS to get two Bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide and a turtle baster. I appears that Turkey basters are a “seasonal” item. Then across the parking lot to Safeway to find a turkey baster…no luck but bought a plastic cake icing decorator thingy and a six pack of beer. I figured we’d need it, the beer that is. It took three of us to hold Oscar down and we managed to get about 1/2 of the first bottle in him and all over his face. A few minutes later– Lift Off. No only did we find the foil packet but a lot of extra suspicious items. I wonder what is in the stomachs of all these beagles?


    • Ellen said

      When I worked the summer camps at the SPCA, the vet techs showed the kids an X-ray of a steak knife in a dog’s stomach. I asked what breed the dog was, and I wasn’t surprised when she said it was a beagle. (Beagle was fine, BTW)

    • Susan in DE said

      Do you think that beagles are secretly related to sharks? Here is a photo of items found in a tiger shark’s stomach — does this look eerily familiar to all you beagle owners out there? It has me worried ….

  13. Tam said

    This cracks me up. The naughtier they are, the more innocent they appear. Elvis has a summa cum laude in “it couldn’t be me!”

  14. Tam said

    I just was remembering that Heidi used to unpack everything when we packed. So we started to do it secretly, which was hard to do around these Einsteins.

  15. Keith said

    The photo and caption gave me a great laugh! I recently got a Blackberry for work…and when I brought it home, I set it on my coffee table. I left for a bit, and came back…and like you, heard a strange chewing sound from my beagle, Sophie. She had the device in her mouth, and I now have a Blackberry with the teethmarks application,lol! Being a smart human, though, I put it up on a kitchen table…too high for Sophie to get. But one of my cats, Zoe, loves to knock things off of tables…especially things that slide…you can see this coming….so Zoe knocks the Blackberry to the floor, allowing Sophie seconds on the portable device! Oh well…I’ll always be able to recognize my Blackberry…it’s the one with all the bite marks! And it still works…although the “m” now sticks…
    Thanks for your website…very informative and entertaining to a new beagle friend!

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