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Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programming…

Posted by courtneayparsons on April 30, 2010

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the DD readers out there. Laurie has such an amazing blog…made even more amazing by its interactive audience. I was looking forward to a week with Sherm and Stan, but I never expected my daily post to be one of the highlights of their stay with us. Laurie will be back on Monday (I can’t wait to see the boys’ reactions when they see her and Phillip coming up the walk on Sunday morning.)

Here are a few more Beagle Camp highlights of two campers who were indeed the little gentlemen that their mommy hoped they would be…

The sun is back!

Stanley is almost glowing now that the weather once again favors outdoor fun

Games continue in the rec center (i.e., family room) even with the sunny weather. As it turns out, any toy sufficiently large enough to allow Sherman to grab one end and Stanley to grab the other is suitable for two-dog tug.

A little dog naps in an oversized chair and somehow makes the chair seem perfectly Sherman-sized. His ability to nap anywhere--in almost any position--amazes me. He is sleeping on almost every toy in the house in this shot (I moved all of them up there so I could vacuum and he climbed in before I had the chance to take them down).

Maggie will hold down the fort here at Beagle Camp when the boys go home. I think she'll miss her playmates (once she wakes up from what will likely be a 2-day nap!).

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