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Posted by laurie on May 31, 2010

Look! Babies love bottle caps, too! This is baby Mia with her mom Rachel, my niece. (That makes Mia my great-niece.) She’s seven months old and as cute as a button. They live in Seattle but were in NYC last week so I got to visit.

I clearly remember when Rachel was born. (That makes me pretty old.)

The beagles return tomorrow. Have you’re all having a great weekend!

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I see China!

Posted by laurie on May 28, 2010

It’s a tie with Cathy for: Well, I don’t have a butt crack, so I’m not going to be much help on this one.
Paws for Thought for: Well, whaddaya know! Sherman was right…we ARE in the northern hemisphere!

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Posted by laurie on May 27, 2010

What’s wrong with this picture? Not an evening glass of wine to go with a check of Facebook. Not Sherman in his usual perch. Not my super-cool hex-to-rgb mousepad. No, of course not! It’s the doggy bed and sofa pillow on the table. Why? Because a certain beagle enjoys nothing more than de-stuffing doggy beds and sofa pillows. I won’t even ask for advice on this one because I know there is none, except perhaps for “wait until he’s ten.” Am I right?

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Look Ma, no cap!

Posted by laurie on May 26, 2010

We’re pretty confident that Stanley can’t swallow this entire bottle, even if he wanted to. Which is not to say he won’t try.

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Beaglefest, part 2

Posted by laurie on May 25, 2010

This was a staged reenactment of Stanley eating a cupcake wrapper. Not the cupcake. Just the wrapper.

And this, of course, is Sherman, doing what he does best, suckin’ up the love!

Speaking of lovey boys, this is Little. He’s something else besides beagle, maybe chihuahua according to his owner, Julie. He is sooooo sweet!

Here’s another shot of Rowdy. Again, my apologies for confusing him with Veronica. Rowdy came all the way from Connecticut and shared some really fabulous pumpkin muffins with us.

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Enjoying the Taj MaBeaglefest Patio

Posted by laurie on May 24, 2010

Yes indeed, we had a beaglefest on Saturday. Approximately 25 beagles (plus one hound and one dachshund). Everyone had a good time. We were a little worried that Stanley would freak out, but he only did when the first group of 4 beagles arrived, and after that he was absolutely fine.

Halfway through, Sherman begged to be let inside and since he couldn’t reach the food table we finally acquiesced.

This is (I believe) Veronica, and every time Phillip or I saw her we gasped, because she looks SO much like Clayton. Don’t you think?

UPDATE! The Clayton lookalike is Rowdy! Sorry Rowdy! Sorry Karen!

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Posted by laurie on May 21, 2010

Someone (who??) recommended one of these for Stanley to wear on special walks so he will have to work a little harder and hopefully not pull as much. Plus, we can fit it with bottles of water and one of those collapsible bowls. However, as you can see this is a just a tad too large and I’m going to get a smaller one. But in the meantime, it’s an awesome CAPTION CONTEST photo! So have at it!

Congratulations to Max’s Mom, winner of this week’s caption contest for: Stan considers charging extra for checked baggage.

And the runner up is: Hunka Beagle Love for Beagle delivery boys proves to be a spectacularly bad idea for Domino’s Pizza.

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Kissy kissy

Posted by laurie on May 20, 2010

For over half our marriage I had to “remind” Phillip to get a haircut. He hated going to the barber, and his “too long” light came on way after mine. This made for a bit of a struggle. Until he discovered that one of the women he works with cuts hair on the side! So now SHE gets to “remind” him that it’s time for a cut. He grabs a hospital sheet and he has his hair cut in his office! I am completely out of the loop and that’s how I like it.

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Say what?

Posted by laurie on May 19, 2010

Stanley reminds me here of Clayton, who was far and away the best howler of them all. Stanley can be quite loud, and the other day when I was walking him on the canal, a group of about ten cyclists went zooming by on the road across from the canal, and they were, I guess, psyching themselves up, because they all started to yell which put Stanley promptly into overdrive, running and howling. It was hysterical.

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Who goes there?

Posted by laurie on May 18, 2010

Look at that cute furrowed brow. Can a brow possibly get any more furrowed? Or any cuter?

Sherman has had a few other wildlife encounters recently including two with garden snakes in the yard. I know this because he stood and HOWLED nonstop until I came out and threw a stick at them. (I don’t think that snakes can hear. Neither seemed to notice the hoopla around him.) Remember Sherman’s encounter last year with the wasp? I will try to push the video camera into Phillip’s hands one of these days.

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