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Posted by laurie on May 27, 2010

What’s wrong with this picture? Not an evening glass of wine to go with a check of Facebook. Not Sherman in his usual perch. Not my super-cool hex-to-rgb mousepad. No, of course not! It’s the doggy bed and sofa pillow on the table. Why? Because a certain beagle enjoys nothing more than de-stuffing doggy beds and sofa pillows. I won’t even ask for advice on this one because I know there is none, except perhaps for “wait until he’s ten.” Am I right?

24 Responses to “Sigh.”

  1. Jeri said

    You should do what I did. I used to have those kinds of beds for Buddy & Penny and Buddy destroyed 3 of them! (you’d think I’d learn after the 2nd one!) Buddy “ate” his own bed, so I bought him another one, he “ate” that one too AND Penny’s bed! So I got them each a Snuggle Ball nesting bed and they are too heavy for a dog to pick up and toss around and they are too thick for a dog to bite at and bite through. The look on Buddy’s face when he tried to fling and toss around the Snuggle Ball bed and couldn’t was hilarious! We had no trouble with “bed destuffing” again! 🙂

  2. Luana and Cody said

    Cody has ripped apart and destroyed all the beds that used to belong to Benny. We bought him a new bed and he started in on that one, too, so it’s been put away “until he’s ten” or whenever he stops needing to chew (??). Thanks for the Snuggle Ball suggestion, Jeri. I’ll look into it for “Rocket Dog!”

  3. Darlene Main said

    He looks pretty innocent laying in the background!

  4. Marie said

    You think waiting til 10 will help….No way….Seamus was 9 when he started climbing onto the counters and opening the bread cabinet to help himself…..He can be trusted with beds, pillows, blankets, but a crumb of bread he would knock you over for!!!

    • Lori (Cody's aunt) said

      Seamus? An Irish beagle? I love it!

      • Marie said

        Yup, Seamus has a lot of Irish in his family….and sometimes I think I should have known when I named him…(Shame-us as in shame-on-us!!! He is funny, just smarter than his humans where food is involved!!

  5. Susan Hann said

    I have an 8 year old you still have to watch – if he’s out of sight, he’s into trouble – on second thought, he’ll still tear up things in front of you too. He likes you to get up from your comfy seat and chase him! Oh and the other day, I was at work ready to change from my sneakers into my dress shoes – as I pulled them from the bag, everyone started laughing, Marley had put his signature teeth marks on the toes – I threw them in the trash and wore my sneakers all day with a beautiful dress.

  6. Scott and Scout said

    Orvis sells beds that they guarantee (sp?) can’t be chewed through. Might try one or two or three or….

  7. Cathy said

    I just have to say the height of that table would not discourage my two knuckleheads in the least.

    Of course, they’d be after the glass of wine first, then the awsome mouse pad, the mouse itself, and finally the pillows and bed.

  8. Linou said

    Well….we eventually just got rid of doggie beds. Since the dogs know not to destuff the couch or chairs….they got a dedicated chair. And that was that. No more doggie beds.

  9. Karen S. said

    Dogs just have a thing about foam, that’s all.

  10. Therese Rasnick - BeagleMom said

    That’s a very confident and defiant beagle in the background!

  11. Trixie's Mom said

    Try these:

    I bought two in 2005, and they’ve survived three beagles. Mine are 24 x 36 x 4. They still look nearly new and are pretty indestructible. I don’t expect to ever have to buy another bed.

    They’re pretty pricey, but were worth it for us. If you want, I can send you one or both of ours to try out first. I’m not using ours right now or in the near future (let’s just leave it at that or I’ll start crying again).

  12. Vivian said

    Oh I completely agree on this one. Suzie loves to shred everything except doggie beds. Thank God for that small miracle. I think she’ll calm down by the time she’s 5.

  13. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    We bought two slumber balls from Orvis a couple of years ago. (think bean bag chairs for dogs!) It seemed to stop the dog bed chewing. They have a nice soft fleece cover that zips (the dogs can’t seem to get past the zippers). I know Orvis also has some with a sturdier material that is for ‘tough chewers’. Of course, Orvis is a bit pricey- but it was worth it. We have the ‘large’ size. Bought one thinking the two dogs could share, but oh no! So then we ordered another one. I don’t think they are called slumber balls any more; but I would suggest looking at Orvis. Orvis also has great customer service- when I needed replacement fill a year or so ago, I just sent an email, they looked up my order and told me what I needed.

    • Susan in DE said

      Here’s another vote of confidence for the Orvis beds. My two aren’t really chewers (Jordan is an angel, I think he’s really a Lab trapped in a beagle body — it wouldn’t cross his mind to be bad; Josie does chew “casually”, but not beds — she’s 10 and has just taken up scraping her teeth on wallboard and/or the bannister. Fortunately, not furniture … yet). I can’t speak for chew durability, but otherwise they’re really durable, wash easily and both dogs really like them. And yep, you might as well get two, my critters don’t really like to share beds, either.

  14. Lori (Cody's aunt) said

    Rocket Dog also loves to chew on the cats’ ears and tails. The only reason I don’t feel too sorry for the cats is because they all have their claws, and I can always tell by the sound Cody makes when they have had enough. (I don’t feel sorry for him, either, when they scratch him!)

  15. Karen S. said

    My beagle Figaro used to tear the stuffing out of my mattress. He did the same with my comforter. When I came home from work the bedroom would look like a cloud. I had to switch to an air mattress. (Blue’s long toenails punctured it, but that’s another story.) Now, all these years later, I’m finally ready to try another mattress. Maybe I’ll put it on the church prayer list. The dogs themselves sleep in cot-like beds with blankets, but Blue usually sneaks under the covers with me.

  16. Tam said

    Yep, wait. LOL!

    Elvis destroys every pillow/dog bed we’ve used. The brat.

  17. Melanie said

    I’ve had really good luck with Bitter Apple Spray. It must taste awful.

    • Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

      Our beagles actually lick the bottle of the Bitter Apple spray. So much for a deterant! 🙂

  18. Martha M said

    It’s driving me crazy–what is that square thing in front of your laptop?

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