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He’s fine

Posted by laurie on June 2, 2010

On Tuesday morning Stanley was a little lethargic and didn’t want to eat. It took all my strength not to bundle him into the car and drive off to the vet. He went outside and ate a little grass, which is what Spenser used to do when his stomach was upset. I poked his belly and nothing hurt. Tuesday was Commencement Day at Princeton and employees are encouraged to stay home in order to free up parking spaces, so I got to keep an eye on him. By late morning he had a nice drink of water. Early afternoon he expressed interest in my cheese stick and had two little pieces. So I cooked up some rice and served it with a dollop of chicken broth. Hallelujah! He gobbled it down and down it stayed. By late afternoon he was tossing his tennis ball around. Perhaps you heard the high decibel PHEW coming from New Jersey?


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