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Uncle Bob

Posted by laurie on June 3, 2010

This has inspired me to conduct a scientific experiment to determine if Sherman prefers tummy rubs or food. Stay tuned.


11 Responses to “Uncle Bob”

  1. Susan in DE said

    What about belly rubs while receiving treats?

  2. ClydesMom said

    AWWW, you gotta love this cutie pie! No wonder all the kids gravitate toward him!

  3. Marie said

    Seamus would want you to rub his belly as he was eating….the boy is demanding!!! If he thinks I should be petting him, he will bat at my hand until it is where HE wants it!

    • Ellen said

      Hemi does the same thing to me. If I’m trying to read a book, he’ll knock the book sideways, so I’ll pet him. Or stick his head underneath the book. (Oh, and Hi, Marie) 🙂

  4. Cathy said

    You should have named that dog Barry White. He’s the Beagle of Love.

  5. Harper said

    Is it just me, or does just about everyone have an Uncle Bob?

  6. Lois said

    Sherry votes for belly rubs & treats at the same time! She bonks my hand when she needs petting — & keeps bonking until I get the right spot (or move off HER spot on the sofa).

  7. Ellen said

    Sherman looks totally blissed in that picture. I’d bet he’d lay there all day if someone was willing to do the tummy rubs.

  8. I gotta say as much as my dog LOVES belly rubs, he will do anything for FOOD. I gotta say Food over belly rubs…….but just slightly! I love it when you rub their bellies and the leg starts going crazy. Cute dog!

  9. Angela said

    Sherman is such a love bug! I love how he just eats up all the attention!

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