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Laundry day

Posted by laurie on June 28, 2010

Or should I say laundry WEEKEND, because that’s how long it took to wash and dry one quilt, two blankets, four sheets, the mattress pad. and the mattress itself (twice). All because a certain dog whose name starts with an “S” peed on the bed both Friday AND Saturday. And he didn’t just mark, he PEED all the way through to the mattress. (The SpotBot did a terrific job on the mattress.)

A certain dog is sleeping in his lavishly appointed crate this week.

23 Responses to “Laundry day”

  1. Sam and Sweetum's Mom said

    Do I detect a snear or Elvis lip on him???

  2. Rebecca Campbell said

    That first shot looks all too familiar. A miniature Dachshund named Ginger could not be bothered to go outside when she had a nice freshly made bed to pee on this weekend. We got wise years ago and put a waterproof mattress pad on the bed to save the mattress. Still, the laundry load of mattress pad, sheets, quilt took all day to launder and dry. A certain Beagle boy looks totally mystified about his sleeping arrangements!

    • Karen S. said

      Yes, water-proof mattresses work wonders. Rowdy peed several times on my bed when he was a young hound. I think he’d been saving it up all day.

  3. Rebeca said

    I really sympathize, but do you have any idea how much money I’ve spent on Nature’s Miracle? How many times I woke up at 2:00 am to strip the bed, take it down to the basement and start a wash, then swab the mattress with natures miracle and blow-dry the spot? (the last time I just turned the QUEEN-SIZE mattress all by myself because the spot was too big to dry and I was too tired. And I didn’t have any clean sheets to boot! All I can say is that a certain and nameless Beagle–yes Trumbo, I’m referring to you (he’s standing on a chair and reading over my shoulder)–has finally gotten a clue that Beagles pee outside, not on the wood floor, not on the rug, and NOT on the bed. At three years of age, he is 95% housebroken. He peed on a bedspread 2 months ago, thankfully, it was folded and it didn’t soak through the mattress.

    Why do they take so long to housebreak? My JRT was completely housebroken by eight weeks. My Lab took longer, but by three years, she could hold it.

  4. Joan said

    You should check to make sure he doesn’t have a bladder infection. Often when they do they pee in places that they shouldn’t.

    • Rebeca said

      I had Trumbo checked a while back when he was about a year old. Nothing, just a weak bladder (I had another beagle, and he was the same). He’s much better now. He just learned to mark outside too. So now he really empties himself out.

  5. David said

    both mattresses and the futon mattress in my home are fully enclosed in a vinyl mattress bag with zipper. On top of that goes the mattress pad and sheets. It’s been a life saver through recent bouts of cats with UTI’s and dogs with upset stomachs. I strongly recommend them.

    • Kelly said

      Absolutely worth the money! All of our mattresses have vinyl covers and they are a life-saver. Furthermore, you would never know that they are there . . . you can’t feel them or hear them swishing around because they go under the mattress pad.

  6. Brandy & Hammy's Mom said

    Oh goodness….so sorry that you had to go thru that! We just went thru a somewhat similar situation last week. I woke up in the middle of the night and rolled over to a wet spot where our old beagle girl was sleeping. She hadn’t moved the ENTIRE night, so I think she had a little leakage issue. Fortunately, it was a small amount and I had several layers between the two month old mattress and the cover she was sleeping on. Indeed, no fun at all!

  7. Scott and Scout said

    Ummm..I tend to agree to the urinalysis, just to be sure. Did his routine change? Drinking more water at night? Or is this “normal” for young dogs? And, it looks like the key to the crate is hanging on the right side of door. Don’t be surprised if some certain beagles with the names of “S” plan a breakout!

    • laurie said

      He’s not peed anywhere else inside, and guess what, he peed on the bed when Sherman was there too. We’re about 95% sure it’s a dominance thing. I guess “standing over” isn’t good enough anymore. Darn.

  8. Penny M said

    I remember years ago, our second Beagle, Freckles, got mad at my Dad because he yelled at her. She ran upstairs, directly to his bed, and peed all over it. ( Fortunately for Mom, they had twin beds, but one headboard–a semi Lucy and Ricky bed).

    Did either of you scold or rebuke the Jailbird?

  9. Karen S. said

    Laurie, you should wash everything with Nature’s Miracle or a similar product that really breaks down the pee. If you don’t he’ll still be able to smell the pee (even if you can’t) and will consider the bed his new restroom.

  10. Steve said

    Urine trouble, Stanley!

  11. Boomer & Notch's Mom said

    Potty training- eck! My little Notchy has his issues…he had it tough before he was rescued. He still does not understand that pee-pee goes outside. So far the bed is a pee-free zone, but that pile of laundry made me shiver. Especially since I have a quilt that looks eerily similar to yours…
    I will say, the S-Man looks contrite.

  12. Leslie said

    Ed and I have had the same thing happen but we never found out if it was Benji or Carlo. We were getting ready for bed and noticed a wet spot at 10 pm. Of course I was doing laundry most of the night. Benji decided to relive himself on the sofa two days before Thanksgiving. Foutunately we were able to wash the seat covers and Stanley Steemer was available for an emergency cleaning. These Beagle Boys!

  13. Wendy and Scooter said

    Our beagle did that twice, both times while only my husband was on the bed! Once was in a Westin, where my husband and our dog were staying. Fortunately, the staff gave them a new room (the mattress was soaked), without a charge!

  14. Eleanore said

    Didn’t he bark all night being in the crate?

  15. Martha M said

    He did that because he saw the picture you posted of him with the ‘doughnut’ toy on his face!

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