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Where’s the clicker?

Posted by laurie on June 29, 2010

World Cup action? Hardly. More like Mythbusters or Survivorman. Or the History Channel.

So, with regard to questions posed yesterday in the comments I honestly don’t think Stanley has a urinary tract infection, nor is this a lapse of his housebreaking skills, which have been perfect as of late. I am pretty confident that it’s a dominance thing over Sherman, because Stan most likely peed on the bed when Sherman was there. (After Spenser arrived, Clayton peed on the bed a couple of times, too.) So we are teaching him that the bed isn’t his. He’s slept in his crate the last few nights and is not allowed on the bed at all. He does fine in the crate. Sometimes he howls but only for a minute or two and then he settles right in. Oh, and notice who’s in Sherman’s spot? Stanley has been up there quite a lot lately. Hmmmm.


8 Responses to “Where’s the clicker?”

  1. Kate said

    That sounds like dominance to me. Especially with Stanley being in that spot. Dogs are very smart. 🙂
    Good luck, and as always, I enjoy your website.

  2. Tam said

    Sounds like dominance to me, as well. Heidi, my superalpha beagle who was housetrained and healthy most of her life, did it every once in awhile to let people and other beagles know who was boss.

  3. Scott and Scout said

    I guess the duo are approaching their Terrible Two’s !

  4. Erik H. said

    Ahh,that makes sense. Our new puppy came with a superiority complex. We thought her wetting the bed was just part of the housebreaking process but now I think it was otherwise. The problem went away once we kept shooing her off the bed for several days.

  5. Liz Fyfe said

    I hear ya, that happened to me a year ago with a foster. Although he was the only dog in the house, he peed on our bed (our thick Tempurpedic bed) TWICE! The first time was when the handyman was working in the room, the dog just jumped on the bed and peed right in front of the guy as I came running in. BRAT!

  6. Darlene Main said

    I love Sherman’s tail in this picture-the flag is up!

  7. PeggyM said

    and what’s on the plaque?–Stanley’s tail is pointing right at it.

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