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My aching head?

Posted by laurie on July 30, 2010

Congratulations to Rowdy Spivey, winner of this week’s caption contest for: Hold still, Daddy! I’m expressing your anal glands!

The runner-up is David for: In the name of Dog, be-ah healed! Howl-leuiah!

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Face napping

Posted by laurie on July 29, 2010

I completely forgot that Phillip had insisted that he provide the text to accompany the photo of the bench that I broke. I expected it later last night but his new phone arrived (Droid X) and he has disappeared into the void. Maybe tomorrow.

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This and that

Posted by laurie on July 28, 2010

“Dude! You smell like chlorine!”

In recompense for displaying Phillip’s uncompleted tasks on the DD, I have been required to show you what I did to the bench under the carport. Yup, took the leg right off.

But enough of that. Today is my sister Nancy’s birthday! (She’s the older one; I’m the crazier one.)

And here she is with her daughter Rachel and granddaughter Mia. It’s also Rachel’s husband Bryan’s birthday! Please join me everyone a happy b’day!!

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Your turn, Stanley

Posted by laurie on July 27, 2010

“The kiddie pool! The kiddie pool! Not the big pool, noooooooo!”

“I will dissolve! Scientists say so!”

“BE the water, Stan.”

“BE an enormous, plush beach towel, Dad.”

“Hey! You promised me a swim-up bar!”

“Call my therapist! STAT!”

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Sherman, you go first

Posted by laurie on July 26, 2010

I find chlorine alluring and intoxicating. I’ve been swimming just about my entire life, competitively as a kid and occasionally as an adult but mostly just for fun. I swim about 6 miles a week. Whenever I travel I try to find a pool to swim in. Few compare with the Princeton University pool that I swim in now.

Anyway, we visited our friends Carol and Chuck yesterday and as you can see, they have a pool. Sherman was not as entranced as his mom was.

“C’mon, Sherm, let’s get your head wet, and you’ll feel SO much cooler!”

The only cool thing in Sherman’s mind was to get out of that huge bowl of water.

This is the international sign that you’re about to get wet!

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Posted by laurie on July 23, 2010

Phillip was kind enough to remove the ladder and dead branches from the front yard. Just in time for the tractor to take their place! It arrived last Saturday and with lawn mowing on hold due to the drought, I imagine it’ll be there for awhile.

Look, there’s the ladder! Resting nicely against the snow blower. Are we expecting a cold front? I hope so!

Congrtatulations to Buddy M., winner of this week’s caption contest for:

Shortly after the arrival of Captain Siding’s evil twin, Major Disaster, the Taj Ma-patio turns into Tobacco Road.

And the runner-up is Tom for:

Gather round guys, it’s time for “One Life to Live”

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Good morning

Posted by laurie on July 22, 2010

This is the scene when I leave for work. I am an early riser, usually about 5:30, and I serve the boys their breakfast right away. After a couple of laps of the yard they head back up to bed. The routine rarely varies and when I go to kiss Phillip good-bye, they are sacked out on my side of the bed and hardly notice me leaving.

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Bird dog

Posted by laurie on July 21, 2010

“Darn! Why can’t I be taller than thirteen inches?”

Thanks to Phillip, who is splitting wood for the wood pile, Sherm can get a nice view of whatever is up there.

Fortunately, his tree climbing skills leave much to be desired and there have been no nest causalities of late.

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A little of everything

Posted by laurie on July 20, 2010

Phillip and I got new phones this past weekend. He got a Droid X (well, he got on the waiting list for one) which is Motorola’s answer to the iPhone. I have no need for a data plan and rarely even send a text message, so I didn’t need anything elaborate. Then I saw this and knew it was for me. It’s a Casio Exilim (fast forward to 30 seconds), which is a phone and a fully featured camera! So now I’ll always have a camera with me and can take pictures when the mood strikes. Like yesterday afternoon at work. Compelling, yes?

Ah, this is more like it!

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Who’s the boss?

Posted by laurie on July 19, 2010

Don’t they make a cute couple? This little scene was played out countless times over the weekend. First Maggie would hump Stanley. Then she would play bow and the chase would start. Around and around the house, through the doggie door and into the yard. They seemed to be having a wonderful time. Sherman watched from his perch on top of the couch.

P.S. to Cate – I’d be happy to post a photo of your beagle puppy so people could help you name him!

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