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The doctor will see you now

Posted by laurie on July 13, 2010

Have you ever seen a beagle lay down and relax in the waiting room at the vet’s office? Me neither! But that’s what Sherm did, after about fifteen minutes of sniffing around and saying hello to everyone. (And lifting his leg to pee! What a shock, Sherman has never marked!) We were there for his regular checkup and all was fine except he tested positive for anaplasmosis and ehrlichia, two tick-borne infections. It could just be that he had these in the past and now has antibodies, so they’re doing more expensive tests to determine if he needs to take antibiotics. He screeched when the vet trimmed his dew claw but other than that he was a perfect patient. Go, Sherm!

18 Responses to “The doctor will see you now”

  1. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    I always feel like our beags are so bad at the Vet; Onyx attempts to attack every other pet there, and Cobalt just goes into a panic attack and shrieks and makes these awful noises. They always have a room ready for us, so we don’t have to wait in the waiting room. Or, we sit in the car until they wave us in. So I was really surprised when our Vet told me recently that they are such sweet dogs and good patients! It really made me appreciate her job even more.

  2. Karen S. said

    Sherm, turn around so we can see your cute little face!

  3. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Eerybody at the vet office always knew when Benny was coming in. He’d bark his head off the entire time we had to wait to see the vet! Cody and Henry don’t bark at the vet’s at all. Yesterday Henry went in for his first checkup since his adoption. I found out he’s more like 9 or 10 years old, rather than 5 (as the shelter thought). He also has a bad infection in both ears, for which he has a cream to put in twice a day. Other than that, his heart sounds good (no heart murmur!), his lungs sound clear and healthy, and his heartworm test showed no heartworms or parasites. For a long time now I’ve wanted to rescue a senior beagle, but thought a senior might not be able to handle living with a much younger dog. I’ve gotten my wish with Henry. He’s a senior who is getting along great with Cody, who is about 2 now. They’ve just finished a wild romp around the house. Life is good!

    • Susan in DE said

      We adopted Jordan as a second dog back in 2006, and he was estimated at 8.5 years at that time (12.5 now), but we think he might be even a bit older. I had reservations about getting a more senior dog, but it’s been great. Everyone actually thinks he’s the younger dog, because Josie is so laid back (she’s about 3 years younger, near as we can figure).

    • Lois said

      Our vet new when Andy wascoming in too. He started baying in the parking lot & didn’t stop baying until we got home. People always asked us how we put up with him – but he was fine at home. Sherry, on the other hand, thinks going to the vet’s is a play date & is pretty well behaved – as long as there’s at least one other dog who wants to play.

    • ChristyACB said

      Love those senior boys. What lovable love muffins they are! My Boscoe was estimated at 9 when he was rescued, was re-evaluted at 11 or so by my vet but possibly more and is now somewhere around 13. He is my sugar! Seriously, once you’ve had senior boy beagle..there’s no going back! LOL.

  4. Steve said

    Sherman may not have been relaxing. He may have just laid down on the ceramic tiles to cool his belly.

  5. Kim Jackson said

    Our Rusty has a “reputation” at our vet’s. He suck the bottome out of the cat food bowl without breaking stride every time they forget to pick it up on his way back! They just laugh and wonder how he can do it so fast!

  6. Sue K said

    We had a Welsh Corgi a few years ago and every time she entered the vet’s main entrance, she would look at the receptionist and then pee. It was if she was saying “That is what I think of this place!” None of our beagles have peed at the vet, but Huey has pooped when he has had to wait in th exam room or after they have drawn blood. Usually he and Brady are pretty good. When Huey was younger, I used to have to literally drag him into the exam room, now he doesn’t care unless they draw blood or make him wait! I guess one can be impatient when you are a 14 y.o. beagle.

  7. Carol said

    Looks like he is wagging his tail. Good boy Sherm.

  8. bailey n gypsys dad said

    I need a xanax to take ours beagles to the vet…

  9. Scott said

    My beagle-hound mix loves the vet cause they give him treats! He also tested positive for ehrlichia. The vet just went ahead and put him on antibiotics for four weeks. I asked about re-testing after the treatment, but it takes at least six months for the previous antibodies to dissapear. So, the vet said that they would just retest in a year at the time of his regular checkup.

    I’ve never seen a dog so willing to have a pill shoved down this throat! Why? Cause there is a treat afterwards!

    Maybe they didn’t give mine any more extensive tests because he had always tested negative for years, so they figured this was a new infection.

  10. Peggy M said

    Penny loves the waiting room. On her last visit, she started play bouncing and spinning with a 6 month old female Boxer. They had such a blast that the tech who called the Boxer in apologized for breaking up the party.

    Once Penny gets into the exam room, she’s a nervous wreck.

  11. Tom said

    Plato does all the time. He’s a trooper.

  12. Jodi & Barnely's Mom said

    Do you take both of them when one has an appointment? I do (don’t tell my husband) LOL

  13. Karen S. said

    Rowdy went to his vet oncologist today, just for a checkup. He finished up his chemo last month and is still doing well.

  14. Ellen said

    The first time we took Rosie (a formally abused dog who had never been to a vet) she wouldn’t go inside. I picked her up, and she emptied her anal glands all over my shirt. That was not a fun visit. Thankfully she never did that again.

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