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A little of everything

Posted by laurie on July 20, 2010

Phillip and I got new phones this past weekend. He got a Droid X (well, he got on the waiting list for one) which is Motorola’s answer to the iPhone. I have no need for a data plan and rarely even send a text message, so I didn’t need anything elaborate. Then I saw this and knew it was for me. It’s a Casio Exilim (fast forward to 30 seconds), which is a phone and a fully featured camera! So now I’ll always have a camera with me and can take pictures when the mood strikes. Like yesterday afternoon at work. Compelling, yes?

Ah, this is more like it!

6 Responses to “A little of everything”

  1. Tam said

    I’m waiting for my Incredible. I take it he has Verizon? It’s still early enough for me to change my mind and go with the Droid X, but I’ve heard great things about Incredible (another Droid phone) that I think I’ll be fine…

    • Maureen said

      My Mom just got her Droid in here in Dallas (she was on the wait list for over a month)! She loves the phone, even though she doesn’t know how to fully use it. It’s a great phone! Well worth the wait! Now I just need to get one!

      • Harper said

        My darlin’ husband got the Droid when it first came out (and has upgraded, though not to the latest version); he likes it just fine; me, I like a phone that actually has “push buttons” and got one of Verizon’s explorers or something, not as clunky as the “military issue”/construction issue, but water/dirt/shock resistant. Since I’m in construction and a klutz, I tend to drop my phone more often than I’d like. It takes pictures, movies, and I can text (not that I do it, except once in a great while to the best friend and if I need to for work). I use my personal phone to take pictures and send to my project engineers from the field as it takes better pictures than my company issued.
        Okay, this is all way too much than y’all needed/wanted to know, huh?
        Love Karen’s comment on “Burt’s Beegles”!!!!

  2. Karen S. said

    Ah, a bottle of Burt’s Beegles!

  3. Jodi & Barnely's Mom said

    I don’t need a data plan either, seems the choices are few without it. Your new phone takes really good pictures.

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