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Good morning

Posted by laurie on July 22, 2010

This is the scene when I leave for work. I am an early riser, usually about 5:30, and I serve the boys their breakfast right away. After a couple of laps of the yard they head back up to bed. The routine rarely varies and when I go to kiss Phillip good-bye, they are sacked out on my side of the bed and hardly notice me leaving.

12 Responses to “Good morning”

  1. Karen S. said

    My dogs also take a long nap after breakfast. I think all the excitement wears them out!

  2. cate said

    my puppy is 4 weeks today!!!!!!! one month till i bring him home and i get to enjoy this!!!!!1

  3. Lois said

    Sherry stretches out on a pillow on the bed. Princesses get to do that.

  4. Monika said

    Same scene at my house in the wee hours of the morning, except we have green sheets. And same exact reaction when I leave!

  5. Sam and Sweetum's Mom said

    Same scene at our house except I am in bed and Sam crawls under the covers!! I think he hopes we will not see him and leave the house without putting him in his crate!!

  6. Jodi & Barney's Mom said

    Mine try to beat me out of the door to get to the car in the garage. They think they should go where ever I go 😉 I wish they could some days.

  7. Amber said

    Same scene at my house…tan sheets. EXCEPT…the huby works nights and I work days, so the beagle changes sides depending on who’s at work/home.

  8. Patr said

    George gets under the covers between the two body pillows and snuggles in alone. Gracie has to be with us in the bathroom else she howls and scratches at the door. I think that is a girl thing since our newest Peggy is doing it too now.

    • Jenny said

      No, it’s not a girl thing – my Baxter needs to be EVERYWHERE with me too. He would get in the shower, but his neediness hasn’t quite overcome his distaste for being wet. =)

  9. Lynne said

    Samantha likes to be in the bathroom when someone is in there too. Well, actually I think she likes to have the option of being in or out cause she comes in, gets a drink of water and leaves and then comes back again. If the door is closed she scratches the door. No privacy here for sure.

  10. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    I have a twin bed and am now sharing it with the two beagles, plus one (or two or three) of the cats. To say that things get pretty crowded is an understatement! Cody likes to get under the covers and Henry likes to snuggle close to me. Think I should ask Santa for a bigger bed for Christmas?

    • Harper said

      My husband & I have a queen size bed, and even that isn’t big enough for two of us plus our beagle girl; she manages to take over almost my entire side of the bed (and growls if I bump her); our labrador has bad knees and tends to be too warm, otherwise he’d be up there too and I’d have all of a space of a pillow!. The beagle is only a 13″ too!
      I’m thinking even a CalKing wouldn’t be big enough!

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