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Sherman, you go first

Posted by laurie on July 26, 2010

I find chlorine alluring and intoxicating. I’ve been swimming just about my entire life, competitively as a kid and occasionally as an adult but mostly just for fun. I swim about 6 miles a week. Whenever I travel I try to find a pool to swim in. Few compare with the Princeton University pool that I swim in now.

Anyway, we visited our friends Carol and Chuck yesterday and as you can see, they have a pool. Sherman was not as entranced as his mom was.

“C’mon, Sherm, let’s get your head wet, and you’ll feel SO much cooler!”

The only cool thing in Sherman’s mind was to get out of that huge bowl of water.

This is the international sign that you’re about to get wet!

12 Responses to “Sherman, you go first”

  1. Rebeca said

    Trumbo is the same way. When we tell the other two it’s time for the beach, he runs into the bedroom, jumps on the bed, and hides under the covers. He HATES the beach. At first he didn’t have a problem with it, but after he was bit by a green fly that’s when he decided to put on the breaks whenever we walked near the beach.

  2. Cecelia said

    I love to swim, both of my boys are fish… but, when it comes to my dogs they can’t stand water. The beagle gives the evil eye the whole time he is involved in water. LOL Love the shaking picture. Awesome!


  3. Kate said

    That last picture of Sherm for today is priceless. Absolutely funny. Thanks for the smile on this Monday morning. 🙂

  4. Kelly said

    This is the only thing about beagles I do not like. I have always wanted Tippy to swim with me and hang out at our local river, etc., but she is terrified.

  5. deanna said

    I LOVE that last picture!!! It should be in a calendar or something 🙂

  6. Karen S. said

    Hounds usually hate getting wet. Dad said they will run half a mile alongside a creek looking for a place they can jump across. Still, I once had a little beagle who loved to go wading.

  7. Susan in DE said

    We have some great shallow creeks in our area in the middle of shady woods-walking spaces, but neither Josie nor Jordan are interested in even wading into the water. They’d prefer to roll in the bird poo on the shore. They had their first trip to the beach last year, when we got a pet friendly rental home at the Outer Banks. Beach walking was fine, but when a small rogue wave scuttled up the beach and splashed them, Josie leaped about six feet straight into the air, and after the initial shock of the splash wore off, Jordan just looked really sad.

  8. Wendy and Scooter said

    Why is it that beagles hate water? Obviously something bred into them, despite their somewhat water-resistant fur. I brought Scooter into a swimming pool once, and after that he wouldn’t go closer than several feet from the pool. He HATED it.

  9. Julia Morris said

    Moose always hated water. One day I decided to test which was stronger, her hate of water or her love of food. I swam into the pool and let her sniff a snausage. She whined and paced by the side of the pool, stretching her neck and tongue to impossible lengths, but refused to get wet. I finally got out and carried her into the pool. Once in, she swam to the floatie with the snausage, snatched it, and swam back out. She thought, “Well, now that I’m already wet, I’d might as well get the treat.” I’d say it was a tie.

  10. Sue K said

    When we lived in Maine one summer was unusually hot and the ocean was unusually warm (by Maine standards). Huey had hot spots and we thought a dip in the salty ocean would help, but Huey thought we were killing him just to get rid of those hot spots. By the way, the hot spots did heal within a day, but Huey still does not like the water and we got the evil beagle eye all the way home!

  11. Beaglemomx3 said

    We have a pool and three beagles. The only time that they have been in the pool was by accident. They hate the water. They will not come near the pool while we are swimming in fear of they may get wet.

  12. Patr said

    Oil and water/beagles and water. Same thing. They don’t mix well

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