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Face napping

Posted by laurie on July 29, 2010

I completely forgot that Phillip had insisted that he provide the text to accompany the photo of the bench that I broke. I expected it later last night but his new phone arrived (Droid X) and he has disappeared into the void. Maybe tomorrow.

11 Responses to “Face napping”

  1. Buddy M. said

    The Droid Void….another dimension!

  2. Cecelia said

    This is just the sweetest picture. Pure beagle devotion.


  3. Cathy said

    A new Droid? It’ll be next week at the earliest.

    I love Shermie’s sly look . . . he doesn’t want to be disturbed!

  4. Laura said

    One word:


  5. Susan in DE said

    Too cute!! This wouldn’t work with our guys, they’re way too big and would suffocate you. Josie and Jordan are the “jumbo” variety beagle — not fat, just like 17″ tall and around 40 lbs … more like Clayton & Spencer than Sherm & Stan.

    • Marie said

      I like that, a “jumbo” variety. Seamus is a “jumbo” variety as well, taller and a bit heavier. He at one point was up to 45 lb. (and even then he was not fat) but he is now down to about 39 and believe me it is not from lack of trying. His vet does not want him going any lower, which is a beagle’s dream!!!!

  6. Shardae said

    Awwww I wish my beag would do that, but she is more like stan and only wants to play. I think the closest I will ever come to that picture is her dropping a ball on my face to wake me up to play fetch.

  7. Scooby's Mom said

    Awww…..there’s nothing better than a face nap!

  8. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    How totally,absolutely precious!

  9. Marie said

    Adorable!!! Sherm’s sly look is saying “don’t even think about it. I am not moving.”

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