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Camp Kramer

Posted by laurie on July 16, 2010

Maggie is here for a long weekend at camp and it has been nonstop fun, mostly, I think, for Sherman because Stanley is giving him a break by pestering Maggie instead.

Maggie loves her toys. I haven’t seen this toy in Stan’s mouth for awhile, but as soon as Maggie grabbed it Stan’s little world started to crumble. But not to fear, he made a complete recovery and is ready for the weekend’s activities.

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Posted by laurie on July 15, 2010

“So then your mommy took pictures of the stuff I’ve left laying around and put them on the Internet! How should we get even, Sherm?”

This is what I found after pulling the covers off an unusual lump in the bed. And it didn’t end there – I found bottles in my bathroom sink, underwear drawer, and closet. The score is now tied.

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Oh, honey…

Posted by laurie on July 14, 2010

Ladies of the Internet, how do you get your handy man to follow their projects and tasks through to completion? Like removing the branches he trimmed a couple of weeks ago and putting away the ladder?

Or, perhaps, putting away his beverages?

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The doctor will see you now

Posted by laurie on July 13, 2010

Have you ever seen a beagle lay down and relax in the waiting room at the vet’s office? Me neither! But that’s what Sherm did, after about fifteen minutes of sniffing around and saying hello to everyone. (And lifting his leg to pee! What a shock, Sherman has never marked!) We were there for his regular checkup and all was fine except he tested positive for anaplasmosis and ehrlichia, two tick-borne infections. It could just be that he had these in the past and now has antibodies, so they’re doing more expensive tests to determine if he needs to take antibiotics. He screeched when the vet trimmed his dew claw but other than that he was a perfect patient. Go, Sherm!

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Adirondack Stan

Posted by laurie on July 12, 2010

Take one last look at Stanley’s fashionably striped orange collar, because the plastic buckle no longer locks and we can’t have that, can we? That was a pretty cheap collar, apparently, lasting only about six months.

When I moved the website, I said that I’d like to show non-beagle photos occasionally. Here’s one!

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Once upon a time…

Posted by laurie on July 9, 2010

And the winner is Glizzie for “It was a dark and stormy night…”

The runner-up is Cathy for “Wait, how do I get back to the text from the footnotes?”

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Pick up your toys

Posted by laurie on July 8, 2010

My cleaning lady Janice has been coming here for over ten years and she adores the boys, past and present. They adore her, too, and she always makes sure to spend some quality time with each of them. They like to help her clean and she told me that she has to lock them out of the bedroom when she changes the sheets. No surprise on that one. She neatly piles Stanley’s toys on this bed so she can get at the floor and rug. I love how she included that stick he brought in. Thanks, Janice!

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Dew point: 68 F

Posted by laurie on July 7, 2010

HOT! 103 for a high yesterday! Thank goodness for central air.

While these temperatures are high for the Northeast, I’m sure plenty of you (Texas, Arizona) have it worse, right?

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More mayhem

Posted by laurie on July 6, 2010

We went to a picnic this weekend at Courtneay and Lance and Maggie’s house. Despite the fragrant aroma of burgers and potato salad, Sherman spent most of his time in their forest. This was actually a rare sighting of him, usually all you could see were the plants moving or just a peak of a tail. Fortunately he did not catch anything. HOWEVER…Stanley did. Stanley caught a bunny. Sigh. Honestly, what was a bunny doing in a beagle’s yard??

Aunt Courtneay still loves you, Stan, but maybe you shouldn’t be showing her that lip!

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Add 14 tablespoons of butter

Posted by laurie on July 5, 2010

Not bad, huh? But boy, did this have a lot of butter! One stick in the crust and 3/4 stick in the lime curd. Plus half a dozen eggs and a cup of sugar. I actually didn’t much care for it, but the company enjoyed it and Phillip finished it by Monday morning. Speaking of baking, has anyone noticed that you can’t get canned pumpkin anywhere? Apparently we are in the midst of a great pumpkin shortage. Check out the empty shelf space in the baking aisle next time you’re there. Darn, no pumpkin muffins for awhile.

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