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Dinner is served

Posted by laurie on August 31, 2010

East coast, west coast, beagle, basset…’s all the same, isn’t it!

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Posted by laurie on August 30, 2010

My sister and I spent the weekend in Seattle visiting my niece Rachel, her husband Bryan and their ten month old daughter Mia. Such an abundance of cute babies in the Northwest!

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Oregon Passage

Posted by laurie on August 27, 2010

Hi from Oregon! This is Elliot (left) and Dillon (right). Dillon is my 8-month old great-nephew, and Elliot is, as you know, a basset hound!

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Tray tables in their upright position

Posted by laurie on August 26, 2010

Mr. Fox, would you like to come along on my trip? Meet the basset hounds?

Apparently not.

I’ll see you tomorrow from Oregon!

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Still going strong

Posted by laurie on August 25, 2010

The stuffless squeaky toy is holding up quite well. The boys play with it a lot and so far no one has tried to dissect it. The squeakers still work and it sailed right through the washing machine and dryer.

This is the fox, I think I’m going to invest in one of the other species next time I’m at Petsmart.

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Handsome devils

Posted by laurie on August 24, 2010

The caption contest is three days early this week because on Thursday I head to Oregon, which means that starting on Friday you’ll be treated to a week-long diet of babies and basset hounds. We picked up this mirror on Saturday at a new antique store in town. I’m counting on Phillip to hang it over the bench while I’m gone. (Hint, hint.)

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Round 432

Posted by laurie on August 23, 2010

As is undoubtedly the case in your house, the beagles have lots of different sounds. When wrestling with a toy or with his brother, Stanley has a very ferocious growl. Sherman is silent, probably because of his mostly-deafness. In the yard, Stanley has a very annoying bark when he sees anyone next door at the neighbor’s. Sherman is judicious with his annoying bark, but quite generous with his “I’m on the scent of something” shriek and last night at some early hour I woke up Phillip to go get him. We have brand new neighbors next door and I’m trying to ease them in gradually to having beagles within earshot.

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Then again…

Posted by laurie on August 20, 2010

Congratulations to Scott, winner of this week’s caption contest for:Hey Sherm? Did we remember to turn off our collars’ GPS locator?

And the runner-up is Kellie for: Phillip these beagle costumes will work great for halloween but we can’t let the boys see us eating dinner in them.

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How’d we do it?

Posted by laurie on August 19, 2010

A couple of you asked how we keep the boys out of the way when we eat. First let me say that they’re not 100%, and if we eat in the dining room all bets are off, but we generally DON’T have doggies begging at the table. You just have to be consistent and persistent. ANY time they move into the kitchen you get up from your seat and move them away, verbally and/or physically. This makes for unpleasant dining and a bit of exercise for the first few days, but believe me, it works. Spenser’s spot used to be the little rug near the table, and although it wasn’t technically out of the room, he did stay put. Scooter required a bit of work. Clayton had superlative table manners from day one.

Here’s another view of the bench. Pretty cool, huh? I have to admit that I kind of misled you, the piece of tree that Phillip was chainsawing off actually went into bench #1. This is bench #2. Same tree, but a different slice. Don’t worry, I’ll show you bench #1. Maybe tomorrow.

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The dinner routine

Posted by laurie on August 18, 2010

Dinner time means the boys must stay on the other side of the T molding. And yes, Sherman always looks this forlorn.

Stanley makes a couple of illegal circles around the table and then stands, hopefully, just like this.

Treat time!

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