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Kissy face

Posted by laurie on August 6, 2010

Stan is a good kisser. He goes right for the nose and does it on demand (“gimme kiss, Stan!”). Sherman is not a kisser, as hard as we try. But last night when Uncle Bob was over, guess who learned how to kiss? Trouble is, he’ll only kiss Uncle Bob. So Sherman, attention please, tomorrow is your daddy’s birthday and I bet he will just looove a kiss!

20 Responses to “Kissy face”

  1. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Henry is much more loving than Cody. Henry comes right up to me as soon as I come in the door and wants huggies and kissies, whereas Cody just wants to go outside, chase Henry, chew on a rawhide, etc. Their personalities are very different, but they get along great and I love them both dearly. Happy birthday, Philip – have a great day! (Sherman – give your daddy a kiss for his birthday!)

  2. Rebeca said

    Happy Birthday! Phil.

    As for kisses, Trumbo is a lover. He comes up for kisses and hugs. He’s the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had.

  3. Tam said

    Elvis will kiss anyone anytime. Not so with Abbey. She’s a sniffer, not a kisser.

  4. Susan in DE said

    Happy Birthday, Phillip! Jordan is a major, slobbery kisser. Even if you hold him away from you at arm’s length, his tongue can still almost reach your face (I have short arms, but not that short). And he doesn’t want to stop licking – ever. It’s sweet, but it’s also really gross. Josie, on the other hand, will smile at you while you make kissy faces, then out of nowhere – ZAP! – she strikes with the speed of a cobra amd accuracy of a laser guided missile, and you get one quick slightly dry blap of tongue directly on your mouth. It’s uncanny.

    • Jodi & Barney's Mom said

      Our Barney is like your Jordan and our Jodi is like your Josie, exactly…all of a sudden ZAP!


      (Mr. Sherminator, please give your Daddy a kiss for his big day)

  5. Lynne said

    Happy Birthday Phillip!!!! Hope both Stanley and Sherman treat you well on your birthday with lots of kisses!!!!

  6. Steve said

    Try the kissy face routine after eating steak. I’m sure Sherman would be affectionate then.

  7. Jan said

    Brownie’s not a kisser although she loves hugs. But like Steve said, steak (grill on the Taj Ma Patio!), or dab some peanut butter on your nose! That’s what I’d have to do to get a Brownie kiss. Happy birthday, Phillip, and many more.

  8. Rowdy Spivey said

    Happy Birthday Captain Siding! Are you getting more gas cans for your birthday? Just remember what my Dad says: “Never get 1 when 20 will do.”

  9. Laura said

    Happy Birthday!

  10. Harper said

    Happy Birthday Phillip!

    Both our Lab & Beagle love to give kisses. The Lab acts like a cat — he’ll rub up against your legs… cracks me up. The lab hates water, acts like a cat, and our cat loves water and acts like a dog… go figure.

  11. Nancy J said

    Happy Birthday to you, Phillip.
    I hope you get that kiss from Sherm. Our Doberman is very stingy
    with kisses, even after 10 years of living with us. However, Shelby2, the perpetual beagle puppy, is more than happy to give kisses. Her main talent is curling her tongue and putting it right up your nose or deep into your ear. Either way, you get your brain cleaned.

  12. ChristyACB said

    Happy Birthday!

    Boscoe will kiss his treats 😉 But for humans, he’s a cuddler and wants YOU to kiss behind the top of his ears. He will adjust his head over and over until you get the message. If that doesn’t work, he’ll paw you and quickly turn his head. It’s soooo funny. And it took me forever to figure out!

    Gigi kisses everything but your face so I think someone must have trained her not to.

    • BookerMoose said

      Happy Birthday Phil! Hope Sherman gives you a big sloppy kiss for the special day!

      Like Gigi, our youngest beagle Buzz licks everything but our faces. We wonder whether he was taught by his original owners not to do it (although they apparently didn’t teach him not to do anything else…), or perhaps it is a dominance thing?

      Our other three beagles more than make up for Buzz’s lack of kissing as they are all tongue all the time – plus Buzz is a poop eater so maybe no kisses from him isn’t so bad after all!

  13. Cathy said

    Happy Birthday Captain Siding! I do want to warn you to be careful what you wish for with regard to beagle smooches. The taste is a bit . . . piquant. Enjoy the weekend!

    • Spunky's Mom said

      I agree – our Spunky is not a kisser, but I don’t really mind. Especially lately, as she’s been feasting on all the cicadas(sp?) she can find in our yard. I’m not sure I want kisses from a bug-gut covered beagle tongue…. 🙂

      No kisses, but she does send a special “arrooo” to wish C. Siding a Happy Birthday!

  14. Nadine Wiseman said

    Happy Birthday from us Down Under, Phillip! Finlay and Bailey bassets send slobber slings. xxx

  15. Patr said

    Happy birthday!!! May you be blessed with a rut rut roooo and woof or two.

  16. cate said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully sherm will give u a big ol kiss

    ….. UPDATE!… my beagle will be here in two weeks… we think we have finally decided on a name… Buttermilk Ridge’s Regal Radar… his call name will be radar and his family name will be Radar Bonsai E. … as long as we dont think of anything more perfect that will b his name!!!!!!

  17. Eleanore said

    Happy Birthday Phillip. Sure hope you are having a great day and I hope you got that kiss from Sherman!

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