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Pinup Boy, Aug 2010

Posted by laurie on August 9, 2010

I like the idea of a Kramer Beagle calendar for 2011 and wonder how many of you might be interested. I would definitely give the profits to beagle rescue. I looked at Shutterfly, which is where I make my holiday cards, and I could get 50 calendars for $10 each. Sounds like a pretty good price, and they do a good job with photographs. Any other ideas, let me know!

48 Responses to “Pinup Boy, Aug 2010”

  1. Kristian said

    Snapfish and Photobucket also do this sort of thing. Your best bet is to sign up for all of their email deals and wait until you can get a deep discount and buy in bulk. That is, unless you had planned on creating the calendar and then allowing people to order it themselves. You may also want to check which is a self publishing site.

  2. ChristyACB said

    Ooooo…I love it!

    Will you have voting contests and all sorts of fun stuff like that?

    I’d buy a few for sure. I actually have that last pic of the three boys on my cubicle here in Navy Staff Wonderland in order to make it seem less like drudgery here.

  3. ChristyACB said

    Also Theirs are pretty good. Mixed reviews on this. Premium mbrs allows ad free printing and nothing says you can’t do it on commercial quality paper. But it is more work for sure.

    shutterfly is good too with consistent results

  4. deanna said

    Glad you liked my idea, unfortunately I have no idea where/how you can make them. The only website I know of is HeritageMakers, but it’s kind of expensive. The nice thing is that you can have each calendar shipped to a different address straight from the website though.
    Like I said before, I’d buy one. I had to put my beagle down 7 years ago at only 4 years old, he was very sick. 😦 Your website has given me my daily beagle dose. I usually buy a beagle calendar every year from the calendar store that pops up around Christmas, but I’d much rather buy one of some beagles I know, especially if I know the money is going to help out other beagles!
    Keep us posted, but I’m sure if you decided it was too time consuming we’d all understand, it was just a passing thought I had!

  5. Kim Jackson said

    I would love some!

  6. Kim Henry said

    Great Idea!
    Would you consider putting in “the” picture of Clayton, Spenser & Scooter?
    I just love that one!
    Kim, Gizmo, Maxine & Ferris

  7. Lois said

    I also buy a beagle calendar every year, but would rather have one of beagles I know!

  8. Stephen Kayer said

    Sign us up, we would definitely be interested…

  9. Charlie and Katie Beagles' Dads said

    Sign meup for 3… One for us , and 2 for presents ( hell myabe 4 )
    LOVE the idea of the Kids in view
    Maybe Walmart calander / picture department as another option

  10. Sue Van Oort said

    I would love it!! I buy a beagle calendar every year for myself and my Dad (he is 95). I hope that you do it!!

  11. Tonya said

    I’d buy several and give them as gifts too since so many of my friends are Beagle people!

  12. Angela said

    Definitely! Your boys are so photogenic. They would make great pinups!

  13. Carol said

    Count me in. It is going to be hard for you to pick out only 12 photos!

  14. Rowdy Spivey said

    I’d love a beagle calendar.

  15. Harper said

    Count me in for at least two!
    As for the 12 pictures, just remember, there’s always next year if this works out!

    Like the rest of the comments above, I would much rather buy a great calendar and know that any profits will go to rescue.

  16. Sammie & Freckles beagles said

    Count us in!

  17. Nancy in AZ said

    Yes, yes, yes. As people have already said we buy a beagle calendar but would love to have one of our extended Kramer family! We feel like we know all of you. We would give one as a gift as well.

    Friends of ours put out a calendar of their pack but they have a hard time limiting it to just 12 photos. They put one big photo per month and then they put small photos in the extra calendar day spots (ie: Aug 32nd).

  18. Rebeca said

    I’m definitely in! Would love to get a couple and the idea to give the proceeds to the Beagle Rescue is fabulous~

  19. Amy said

    I am down for a copy…I LOVE having a beagle calendar…but the “professional” ones wouldn’t hold a light to your pictures because your beagle boys are in “real” situations! I LOVE this idea!

    Also when you have details let me know…I have a blog and help spread the word…because beagle rescues are near and dear to my heart!

  20. Cathy said

    I’m in – I can’t think of a better calendar than the Kramer Beagles,which that image of Shermie perfectly demonstrates. I also second (third?) the idea of including The Picture of the original three. I’m making a list of people who’ll get beagle calendar gifts!

  21. Susan Walsh said

    I would LOVE a Kramer beagle calendar! I buy a beagle calendar every year and what could be better than the world-famous Kramer Beagles gracing a calendar! (well having our Colleen on a calendar would be nice, but she hates having her picture taken!)LOL

  22. Patty in San Jose said

    I too get a beagle and basset calendar every year and would love one with the Kramer boys (and maybe a picture of the basset?)!

  23. Freckles' Mom said

    Actually the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue ( has had a calendar contest fundraiser for the last 3-4 years. It’s one of their best fundraisers. Looks like they are gearing up for the 2011 version($10 to enter your cute pooch in the contest; $10 to purchase a beagle day; $$ for votes. My dear Freckles was “Miss July” in the 2010 version. 🙂

  24. Jodi & Barney's Mom said

    We would love to have one as well! The calendar that I ha last was from Bassett Buddies of TX, but It would be nice to have one of pups that you know and love 😉 Our Beags are very camera shy….

  25. Lynne said

    I would love to have a calendar featuring your two beagles. They are such handsome fellows and I am sure they would make a great calendar.

  26. Andrea said

    I’m in! I buy a beagle calendar every year anyway. One with proceeds going to beagle rescue would be even better!

  27. Count me in too! I check up on your boys daily. And buy a beagle calendar every year!

  28. Wendy and Scooter said

    I would love it so much more than the beagle calendars one buys in the store. I have made one on Shutterfly before, and the recipients loved that it was of a dog they knew.

  29. Scooby's Mom said

    Put us down for 2 calendars! We always buy beagle calendars every year, but it would be nice to buy these instead & see the profits go to beagle rescue.

  30. Mavey's Mom said

    i would by at least one

  31. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Me, too. I’ll buy 2 calendars – one for home and one for work. I would love seeing the Kramer boys on the monthly photos and knowing the proceeds went to beagle rescue!

  32. Kaye said

    And a cottage industry was born…

    The Kramer beagles and profits going to beagle rescue? We’re in!!

  33. Rebecca Campbell said

    Yes, put us down for 2 or 3 Kramer Beagle Boy calendars! Love your boys and the profits going to Beagle rescue is a great idea.

  34. Patr said

    Sign me up for one…..

  35. Mary said

    Yes, please!!! The Beagle Boys, past and present. Clayton always reminded me so much of my George, who passed away last October.

  36. Ollie said

    Howl yes, I’d buy one 🙂

  37. Scott said

    Yes, would buy one. And as someone else mentioned, please include some favorites of Clayton, Spenser, and Scooter. (gosh, I admit it, my eyes well up just thinking about those guys!)

  38. Monika said

    Would definitely buy one! A beagle with a furrowed brow is a must as well:) I think Costco’s photo dept also does calendars for a reasonable price. Looking forward to the monthly shot of the kramer boys to supplement the daily dig!

  39. Martha M said

    I’m in for a few! I have the picture of Stanley with the toy ring on his nose as the background of my computer-it makes me giggle still.

  40. Marie said

    Count me in. I would buy a few and give them for gifts!!!

  41. Darlene Main said

    Would you consider mailing them to Canada? Make sure they have big squares to write in! If so, I would buy one!

  42. ClydesMom said

    Great idea! Would you include Clayton, Spenser and Scooter too? I bought a calendar this year from Beagles of the New England States (BONES) and just love it.

  43. Tam said

    count me in!

  44. Samantha said

    A calendar would be great. I would buy one.

  45. Denise said

    I’d love a calendar of the boys!

  46. Lucy's mon said

    I would also buy a Kramer beagle boys calendar. What a great idea!

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