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Say cheese

Posted by laurie on August 10, 2010

Well I guess I have no choice except to do a calendar! Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest. Someone even offered to print the calendar for me (thanks!!), and if that works out I can give a lot more to beagle rescue. I’ll keep you posted. I do intend to include Clayton, Spenser and Scooter. Where would I be without them?

P.S. If it seems like Phillip is always on the floor, that’s because he is!

9 Responses to “Say cheese”

  1. Patr said

    How will you ever pick just 12????? You may have to make some montage months,,,, the guys are such photo hounds.

  2. ChristyACB said

    That is just Cheesetastic!

    I think the idea of putting extras in the empty spots in the day part is a fab idea.

    And yes, for sure “The” Trio picture. I have it in my cube.

    Ahh…I see many interesting things in those goggies’ future…

    And for this photo, just look at Sherminator’s long ear laying so nice. Like a little “Queen” of Sheba…::giggle::

  3. Kim Jackson said

    I can’t wait for the calendar!!!! Of course – you will end up doing one a year – so you might want to make it a 24 month calendar!!!

  4. Donna & Oscar said

    Hi Laurie

    I didn’t have time to comment yesterday because I was in the air (in a plane not levitating)

    Count me in for a couple. I always like a beagle calendar for the year. But I avoid the malls during the holidays and most days actually, so unless I stumble onto one I do without.

    I agree, with the previous comment. You’re going to be doing more than one, everyone will want one for 2012, 2013, 2014….


  5. Cathy said

    Woohoo – a Beagle calendar! I agree that one year probably won’t be enough. Fortunately the Kramer Beags are endlessly photogenic so there’s plenty of material to keep us smiling!

  6. Lois said

    Today’s picture has to go in your calendar!

  7. Sue said

    I agree–Woohoo – a beagle calendar! I usually get a beagle or penguin calendar in January when they go on sale, but would pay for a calendar if the proceeds go to a beagle charity.

  8. Nadine Wiseman said

    I vote for one month of the basset cousins too. And Moses. N x

  9. Connie said

    First, love this photo of Phillip and the kids. Too cute! Second, I am excited to hear about the calendar. I am looking forward to seeing your monthly photo choices…Sherman in a cupid outfit? Stanley as Uncle Sam for July? You could really have fun with this plan =)

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