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The dinner routine

Posted by laurie on August 18, 2010

Dinner time means the boys must stay on the other side of the T molding. And yes, Sherman always looks this forlorn.

Stanley makes a couple of illegal circles around the table and then stands, hopefully, just like this.

Treat time!

13 Responses to “The dinner routine”

  1. K. Spivey said

    Beagles are definitely the masters of that “take pity, I’m starving” look. I believe the standard calls for their eyes to have a “pleading” look. What is doesn’t mention is that they are usually pleading for food.

  2. Jodi & Barney's Mom said

    That pout and worried concern, that are you eating the last food in the whole world, look is just precious. Mine have mastered it as well.

  3. Andrea said

    How did you train them to do this? I would love for mine to be that well-mannered.

  4. Spunky's Mom said

    Our Spunky, who is now at an acceptable weight after losing and keeping off about six pounds, tends toward the chubby. She also has perfected that “they haven’t fed me for weeks” look – but her round little belly tells the true story….

  5. Harper said

    Laurie (and C. Siding also),
    My husband & I put hardwood floors in most of our house; I was noticing your T molding — we didn’t use a T molding between rooms that have the same wood; we did when we transitioned to tile & carpet (two rooms) but not the other wood. That looks very cool! Wish we would have done that!

    As for forlorn beagles… Whisky Girl must have her ice cubes when I get home from work, and then again after dinner (or anytime we use the ice cube dispenser)… We’re still working on getting her to a more healthy weight, though like Spunky, she tends towards the chubby too.

  6. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    I’m also wondering how you got your boys to be so well behaved that they stay out of the kitchen without any type of barrier being put up. Any time food is being prepared, Cody and Henry are underfoot with the standard beagle “Feed me, I’m starving” look. Henry is so affectionate that at any given time he’s underfoot, so we always have to be aware of where he is to avoid tripping over him!

  7. Beaglemomx3 said

    My three beagles come running whenever there is “Kitchen Action”. All we have to say is get out of the kitchen and they all stay on the outside edges of the kitchen. We usually always have foot fault, nose fault or just walking through the kitchen fault. All my beagles tell me with their eyes that they have never been feed and never will be feed again.

  8. ChristyACB said

    You know, it is so funny that everyone has the exact same beagle! That look of utter starvation even while they tuck in the roles…lol.

    My cat, Buddha, who is now well on his way to 16 years old spontaneously developed this very weird, but strangely effective, trick when he was young that hasn’t let him down yet. He sucks in his cheeks. Oh yes, everyone who has been around meat in my house has seen the sucking in of the cheeks. It makes him look like he is starving…hilarious! Match that with widened eyes and a tilted head and he gets meat every time.

    Well…Gigi took note of this and she is a pretty smart girl so it wasn’t long after we got her that she was looking a little too intently at how Buddha was getting meat. I thought she was thinking about eating Buddha, but no…she was trying to figure out what he was doing.

    So here we are, 4 years later and Buddha still stands there like Oliver Twist but now he is joined by Gigi, with the exact same head tilt and precisely put together feet but she doesn’t have the cheek sucking thing down. Instead, she purses up her face and drools.

    Boscoe…well, he isn’t the brightest. He just dances and dances in his own boogey wonderland. They all get meat now. 🙂

  9. Marie said

    Seamus got out one day and made it to the next street to us, where some kind people promptly took him in and fed him because he looked at them like “I haven’t eaten in months”. They wanted to know how long he was out, I said 10 minutes. Now the joke is, where is Seamus, and the response is he went out for lunch.

  10. Brandy & Hammy's Mom said

    I LOVE the “foot fault”!! We trained Brandy as a puppy to “stay” in her bed during dinner hour. At times, she will stretch herself all the way out of the bed with one rear paw still touching. Anything to get closer to the kitchen. My husband says “she’s legal”; pretty sure Brandy thinks the same thing!

  11. Tam said


    Beagles are master of the “I’m starving, no one feeds me!” look, even when they’ve already been fed. That’s how Heidi the beagle sometimes got more than one meal in the evenings.

  12. Kelly said

    Brilliant training! After five years, we have trained Tippy to stay out of the dining room when we are eating in there (usually with guests). We put her “snuggle ball” at the threshold of the room and she sits and stares.

  13. Ellen said

    There’s nothing like the Beagle Mind Meld to make for guilt inducing treat giving.

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