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How’d we do it?

Posted by laurie on August 19, 2010

A couple of you asked how we keep the boys out of the way when we eat. First let me say that they’re not 100%, and if we eat in the dining room all bets are off, but we generally DON’T have doggies begging at the table. You just have to be consistent and persistent. ANY time they move into the kitchen you get up from your seat and move them away, verbally and/or physically. This makes for unpleasant dining and a bit of exercise for the first few days, but believe me, it works. Spenser’s spot used to be the little rug near the table, and although it wasn’t technically out of the room, he did stay put. Scooter required a bit of work. Clayton had superlative table manners from day one.

Here’s another view of the bench. Pretty cool, huh? I have to admit that I kind of misled you, the piece of tree that Phillip was chainsawing off actually went into bench #1. This is bench #2. Same tree, but a different slice. Don’t worry, I’ll show you bench #1. Maybe tomorrow.

7 Responses to “How’d we do it?”

  1. Amber said

    We actually had ours trained to sit under the table. He knew he got the last bite, so left us alone. But, now that we have a one year old, all bets are off and he sits right next to the baby

  2. Mavey and Ed's mom said

    Ours were trained until we moved in with mom. But yes you must be consistant and persistant. It does work. And don’t forget to treat the good behavior.

  3. I live w/a rescue pack currently of 19, 5 of my own, others adoptable. I cannot swallow so usually “eat” using my stomach tube while I am reading posts like this one. I do not pay attn to the dogs when eating; they learn quickly to wait or simply lay down till I am finished. Helps a lot w/begging :).

  4. K. Spivey said

    Perhaps Camp Kramer should offer courses in beagle etiquette.

  5. K. Spivey said

    You know, the bench reminds me of the nice rustic benches you sometimes see at state and national parks. Maybe he’ll build a lodge for overnight beagle fests!

  6. Amy said

    I LOVE your bench!!!

    Also- your beagles are so well behaved. My Roxy is a good girl and a pretty good listener except where food/begging comes into play and we have tried EVERYTHING but the problem is? My father sits there and feeds her scraps and undermines us! Arg!

  7. Sue said

    Where did you get the green dog bed? It looks like a nice cool summer seat for a beagle.

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