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Round 432

Posted by laurie on August 23, 2010

As is undoubtedly the case in your house, the beagles have lots of different sounds. When wrestling with a toy or with his brother, Stanley has a very ferocious growl. Sherman is silent, probably because of his mostly-deafness. In the yard, Stanley has a very annoying bark when he sees anyone next door at the neighbor’s. Sherman is judicious with his annoying bark, but quite generous with his “I’m on the scent of something” shriek and last night at some early hour I woke up Phillip to go get him. We have brand new neighbors next door and I’m trying to ease them in gradually to having beagles within earshot.

10 Responses to “Round 432”

  1. Scott said

    Ankle Biter!

  2. Melissa said

    My church is doing a bad neighbor series and has a website on which to post stories. I have two beagles in the middle of a subdivision. I’m going to turn myself in on the website! I’m not sure if I should use the howling at rabbits at 3:30 a.m. example, or the killing the squirrel in the neighbor’s yard incident.

  3. Jodi & Barney's Mom said

    Jodi and Barney do this in the morning about 20 mins after they eat their breakfast. If Barney doesn’t want to play, he gets a BIG Arooooooooooo in his ear. Then when Jodi decides its time to chase outside and if he doesn’t want to do that she pulls him by his ear. Poor Barney 🙂

  4. Peggy said

    Penny gave a full length concert at bedtime. The down side to cooler weather is leaving the window open. Mom, Ginny and I were treated to the vocal stylings of Pennygirl. My guess is there were cats around the front of our house

  5. Susan in DE said

    Josie and Jordan are surprisingly quiet. Our neighbors say, “It’s almost like you don’t have dogs at all!” … and they have access to the yard via the doggie door all the time, we’re very lucky. If they were howlers, that would be a problem. But they’re not silent … Jordan will arooo! if someone comes to the door, and if you rub him behind his ears just right, you can get some obscene piggy-like grunting noises. Josie does a lot of what we call “mooing” when she wants you to feed her, and she sighs a lot. :->

  6. Ellen said

    Shorty and Hemi have their “I’ve got a scent!” bays. Hemi has a gargling bark he uses when people are in the alley. Shorty has a very deep bark he lets loose before he runs outside to defend his territory. Daisy has a bark for alley intruders. I can tell which dog is barking just from the sound. Shorty has scared me more than once by barking in the house. He can be sound asleep, then let loose without any notice.

  7. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    When Henry and Cody play, Cody snarls so loudly that sometimes it sounds like they are fighting instead of playing. When they are in the yard Cody doesn’t bark much at all, but when Henry fixates on a scent he barks (and barks and BARKS!), sounding a lot like a little seal! This is not particularly pleasant early in the morning when I’m sure the neighbors can hear. I let him go on for a while and then I make him come in before he gets arrested for disturbing the peace!

  8. Scooby's Mom said

    Scooby took only 10 years to learn NOT to bark at our neighbour’s dog when he was outside too. He is a very vocal dog, whether it’s howling, barking or groaning. I think he thinks that when he groans, he is speaking english and we should understand what he is speaking. He usually groans at first, and when we don’t comply to his requests, he starts the barking and howling to get his point across to us! lol

  9. Tonya said

    My two have a habit of “announcing themselves” everytime I take them out on a walk. Just to make sure that everyone knows they’re there..

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