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Dinner is served

Posted by laurie on August 31, 2010

East coast, west coast, beagle, basset…’s all the same, isn’t it!

19 Responses to “Dinner is served”

  1. Cody and Henry's Aunt said

    How much does Elliott weigh?

  2. Harper said

    Elliot is AWESOME!
    Great pictures!

  3. Susan in DE said

    I’m so glad we got beagles instead of bassets … it was a toss up when we started thinking about adding dogs to the family. They’re totally awesome, but that sure is a LOT of hound dawg! (Especially since Jordan’s recent health issues have required that he occasionally be carried up and down the stairs … 40 lbs is bad enough!).

    • Nancy Prouser said

      Susan, yup, 75 pounds of Elliot in your lap sure is a lot of basset! He is a lap dog, and thinks nothing of how much he weighs as he settles in.

    • Cathy said

      I was thinking the very same thing. I love all hounds (I’m insane) and really wanted a basset, but I’m so glad we decided on beagles. That’s one big hound right there. Elliot is the quintessential basset, complete with the sad sack face and wrinkly front legs – I love it.

  4. Jenny said

    Except that the plates need to be bigger!

  5. C. Siding said

    Bink, we are not getting a basset, the’re huge

  6. C. Siding said

    I miss you binko

  7. Harper said

    I’m already checking rescue sites for a Bassett… color me nuts; not like my husband & I need another “kid”… Tang the Cat made his 5th confirmed kill this morning (AFTER my husband left for work, so I had to “dispose of the body”… UG UG UG).

    “Barnaby” was the Dog of the Week on our local web-zine:

    There’s just something about Bassetts… Beagles too, but I love the fat wrinkly legs!

    • Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

      Harper-Love the article and pictures of Barnaby. He’s beautiful!

      • Susan in DE said

        Man, he’s adorable!! But my husband had to tell me “No!” to one of “The Beagles” that Caron has added a link for from the main BotW site. “George” is in Ventnor, NJ (not that far from Wilmington, DE) and is very similar to Jordan (but with Josie’s face), and of course, is another “jumbo” beagle like our two.

    • Harper said

      George is AWESOME! Wish you could’ve adopted him. I would, but California is too far, and we have a Black Lab (George doesn’t like bigger dogs, but he’d love our little Whisky Girl, I bet.)
      “jumbo beagle” LOVE IT. Hope you guys check back and read posts (like I do!)

  8. Rebeca said

    In our old neighborhood, one of our neighbors had a basset hound who was more like Houdini. Rowdy would always get out from his fenced area and after a half dozen times of playing dog catcher, he started to bond with me. Whenever he escaped, he would come over to my house and play with my beagle, and let me tell you it would get crazy with all four dogs chasing each other in the living room. At first we used call the owner and tell him that Rowdy was with us and let them play for about 45 minutes then bring him home. The we started having sleepovers. Well, we moved to different area of the island (this essentially is a summer resort, so it’s small)and I was out for a drive, and went past the old neighborhood. A bunch of cars had stopped on the side of the road and I saw what looked like a Basset Hound playing catch me. As soon as I realized who it was I called out, “Rowdy, c’mon baby boy, let’s get in the car and go home!” He came running to me, with ears flopping and that silly look he used to get when he would see me. Ugh, at the moment, I almost kidnapped him, but I did the right thing and brought him back to his parents.

    • Harper said

      I would’ve been so tempted to keep him… good for you doing the right thing (I would’ve too, but it would have been difficult!)

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