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Weight watchers

Posted by laurie on September 30, 2010

Stanley got a little chunky so we put him on a diet. It worked! He’s at his fighting weight!

Sherman was on a mini-diet, and Phillip thinks that he is now underweight. I’m not sure. You can’t see his ribs. Your opinions?

And guess who has lost 21 pounds with just 4 more to go? Doesn’t he look great?!

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It’s getting dark out

Posted by laurie on September 29, 2010

I do love the cooler temperatures of fall, but the shorter days can go elsewhere. Sunrise today was at 6:50 and sunset will arrive at 6:45. Phillip has been walking the boys in the mornings, and if he has time, often in the evening. (More about Phillip’s new exercise regimen soon!) We were trying to figure out how much longer he can walk the dogs in the morning without missing his first patient. So I turned to the worldwideinterweb and found this site which reports sunrise and sunset times in calendar form for any month you choose. Things aren’t good for October but they’ll improve on the morning end in November when Daylight Savings ends. Not for long, of course, it’s a slow and steady retreat into darkness until December 21. All that is to say, what are we going to do to exercise the boys, especially this boy named Stanley who has so much energy? We don’t live anywhere near sidewalks and streetlights, so creative solutions are welcome.

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Stan Over

Posted by laurie on September 28, 2010

After a rough and tumble game of rough and tumble, Sherman retreats to the top of the couch. This does not faze Stanley a bit.

It’s very funny to watch because he does his “stand over” thing (officially renamed to “Stan Over”) but he does it on top of the couch. Sherman couldn’t care less. Lather, rinse, repeat!

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Oh Dad…

Posted by laurie on September 27, 2010

Phillip took the boys on a 4+ mile walk on Sunday on a trail nearby. Two of Phillip’s friends joined them. Phillip was in front with Stanley, Brian behind him (dogless but planning to bring his golden retriever next time) and Joe in the back with Sherman. Joe’s a big guy. Sherman’s a small dog. After about a half hour he pointed out that Sherman had spent the entire walk looking straight ahead at Phillip. He did not sniff! No sniffing!! I guess he was intimidated by Joe and Brian. So Phillip and Joe switched dogs and Phillip said that Sherm spent the rest of the walk looking backwards to make sure he was still attached to his daddy!

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In the spotlight

Posted by laurie on September 24, 2010

There were many lovely captions on the theme of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter shining down from heaven, but I don’t have a favorite. Thanks for the wonderful comments.

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Beagle dreams

Posted by laurie on September 23, 2010

I’ll never forget the time that I left a homemade pizza (still uncooked) too close to the edge of the counter. Spenser would wait for marvelous opportunities like that one and it paid off. Since then I’ve always pushed food out of the way of climbing beagles, even little Sherm here who would need a kitchen chair to get anywhere near the counter. Habits are hard to break!

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Rock star!

Posted by laurie on September 22, 2010

This was on our way out of Petsmart following the double pedicure. Look at that chick magnet Sherman. Justin Bieber’s got NOTHING on my dog!

Thanks for all your compliments of yesterday’s photo. I was as surprised as you were to see it the first time. Maybe something about the light coming in from the sunroof? Julia asked if I had a new camera. Nope, just some good luck. It’s looking good as a calendar photo!

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Could you roll the window down some more?

Posted by laurie on September 21, 2010

Stanley goes berserk for the first 30+ minutes of a car ride. Anything sets him off (especially people and animals, but even just another car will do). His vocal range spans several octaves and as cute as that sounds, he is really ANNOYING! I’m sure he didn’t ride in cars much before he came to New Jersey. I took this picture in the Home Depot parking lot. Phillip went in to get “just one thing!” and we waited. This was just after their pedicures at Petsmart and Stanley was stunned over the experience, so fortunately he was quiet.

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Bissell ProHeat

Posted by laurie on September 20, 2010

We bought this gigantic steam cleaner for the carpets and yesterday it had its maiden voyage. We cracked up when Stanley got into the crate, it was such a Clayton move. He didn’t last long though, once the steam cleaning began, but Sherman (mostly deaf) stayed put and supervised. The stains are pretty much gone and I think this was a good investment because we won’t have to have professional cleaners come in to do the carpet. Your mileage may vary.

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Bed shopping anyone?

Posted by laurie on September 17, 2010

Phillip was standing behind me while I was editing this photo, and he thought it was Spenser! It does kind of look like Spenser, doesn’t it?

Every so often someone emails me to find out where I bought this bed. It’s gotten a lot of use while standing up quite well to the elements. It’s called a Coolaroo and you can get it from the Improvements Catalog. Kuranda makes a similar but sturdier bed (it’s chew-proof). While Stanley loves to drag his doggy beds around and poke holes in them, he leaves this bed alone.

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