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Chow hounds

Posted by laurie on September 2, 2010

Yesterday Elliot started lobbying for his dinner an hour and a half early, an impressive effort if I must say so myself. It started low-key with mournful looks. You can imagine how effective that might be to a non-hound owner, but Nancy and I were unimpressed. Then he did the pawing thing, which was cute but equally ineffective. Finally, with a half hour to go, we were serenaded with a melodious whining which was frankly a little obnoxious as we had a friend over and were trying to talk. Dinner was finally served at 4:45 pm, on time. Phew.

While we ate dinner (homemade pizza!) Telsha busied herself with a Kong filled with popcorn. It’s hilarious. She picks it up in her mouth, tosses it onto the floor, then looks all around for her treasures. So cute!

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