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Chow hounds

Posted by laurie on September 2, 2010

Yesterday Elliot started lobbying for his dinner an hour and a half early, an impressive effort if I must say so myself. It started low-key with mournful looks. You can imagine how effective that might be to a non-hound owner, but Nancy and I were unimpressed. Then he did the pawing thing, which was cute but equally ineffective. Finally, with a half hour to go, we were serenaded with a melodious whining which was frankly a little obnoxious as we had a friend over and were trying to talk. Dinner was finally served at 4:45 pm, on time. Phew.

While we ate dinner (homemade pizza!) Telsha busied herself with a Kong filled with popcorn. It’s hilarious. She picks it up in her mouth, tosses it onto the floor, then looks all around for her treasures. So cute!

10 Responses to “Chow hounds”

  1. OMGOSH… those sweet faces. It would be so hard for me to ignore. LOL That could explain why all of my beagles have been a little chubbier than they should be. Love the popcorn trick. I have a ball for my beagle and shepherd, they push it around and treats fall out. It is so funny watching them push, stop and look, push, stop and look and pounce. HAHA


    • Susan in DE said

      Lordy, those bassets are adorable!

      We have the Bob-A-Lot treat dispensing toys. Josie nudges it, then looks at it hopefully. She doesn’t get it, but you can tell she doesn’t want you to know she doesn’t get it. Jordan, on the other hand, plays World Cup Soccer with his and dented the dishwasher one time, and strained his right front leg another time from pawing at it so hard. Great idea, but we have to monitor the use very closely.

  2. Darlene Main said

    Looks like Elliott has that “I am starving and haven’t been fed for days” look down pat!

  3. Rebecca Campbell said

    “I’m hungry, Mommy, truly I am”. Elliott wins the “most pathetic hound of the day” award! Telsha is a beauty. What a sweet face.

  4. Harper said

    Great pictures and great Bassetts!!!
    Love the treat stories. I might have to look at getting one of those for our pups.

  5. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Never thought of putting pop corn in their Kongs… nothing wrong with working for their treats. I’m such a pushover 🙂

  6. Nadine Wiseman said

    We are really enjoying your visit with the bassets. Our Finlay looks a lot like Elliot but is the size of Telsha. Nadine, Howard and the down-under bassets.

  7. Nadine Wiseman said

    Here’s a song dedicated to Elliot, Telsha, Finlay, Bailey and all the others…

    I Love Bassets

    Every time I look down on this wrinkled hound,
    Whether here or there may he lie,
    Whether loud be his howl, or whether soft be his growl,
    More and more do I realize, that…

    I love bassets in the spring time
    I love bassets in the fall
    I love bassets in the summer when it sizzles
    I love bassets in the winter when it drizzles

    I love bassets every moment
    Every moment of the year
    I love bassets, why oh why do I love bassets
    Because they have long ears.

  8. Harper said

    Love the song, Nadine!
    I can imagine a “Bassett voice” singing it!

  9. Nancy in AZ said

    We’re swooning over these photos. In fact my husband put this photo of Elliot as his screen saver.

    I grew up with bassets and always have had beagles as an adult. Our lifestyle now certainly is more basset-like than beagle!

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