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Pop quiz

Posted by laurie on September 7, 2010

Welcome back to school, students. Please take out your #2 pencil and answer the following:

What’s going on when four beagles begin to shriek simultaneously (at 9:30 pm) while running around a large tree with their noses IN THE AIR?

Did you guess correctly? That’s right, the beagles treed a baby opossum that was not smart enough to stay in the tree because Tootsie managed to grab and kill it. Did I mention that Sherman killed two more baby birds a couple of weeks ago? Sigh. A part of me (albeit a small part) is looking forward to winter and all the hibernations that go with it.

9 Responses to “Pop quiz”

  1. Ellen said

    I feel bad for all the things Shorty has hunted and killed. But, if they had any brains, they’d avoid a yard with three beagles in it. You can’t blame a beagle for doing what it was bred to do.

  2. Rebeca said

    I feel for you. No kills here, but if Trumbo and Alvah had the opportunity there would be several dead bunnies and birds.

  3. Scott and Scout said

    Consider yourself lucky. You never know when a burgler dressed as a giant baby bird may try to gain access to your home.

  4. 1-0-1 said

    That’s quite a pack you’ve got there!

  5. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    I can just hear the shrieking and commotion this pack caused! And I have to say, it makes me laugh. Ahh the beautiful baying of the hounds!

  6. Tom said

    Good girl!!! hehhehe Just being poltically incorrect. I love it!

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