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A holiday weekend

Posted by courtneayparsons on September 13, 2010

This is Courtneay reporting…one of Maggie the Beagle’s two proud staff members here at Beagle Camp Lawrenceville. While Sherman and Stanley’s mom and dad spent some time in Connecticut this weekend, the boys made their way down here to play with us.

We had a fabulous time. The three beagles worked very hard on Saturday helping us with some lawn work. The incredibly dry summer has led to an early raking season this year, so Lance and I spent the morning raking leaves into piles. Sherman would diligently pee on each new pile to keep it from blowing away in the breeze, Stanley spent much of his time helping us clear the back woods of rabbits and squirrels and other trespassers, and Maggie and Sherman both alternated as Stanley’s cardio trainer (i.e., egging him on until he was compelled to chase them around the yard and through the leaf piles–fortunately, the aforementioned moistening of said piles prevented them from coming unraked). Unfortunately, most of this happened at break-neck speed (and I was usually holding either a rake or an electric leaf mulcher), so I only have a few pictures of the recovery that followed.

Note--Not even the nearby yarn could tempt these two to play at this point!

These young 'uns wear Maggie out!

However, a good nap will always leave the Kramer boys ready for another adventure…even in the rain that followed on Sunday.

As usual, Stanley is the first to realize that nap time is over...and play time is overdue.

Beagles on the hunt...

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