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Didelphis virginiana

Posted by laurie on September 15, 2010

On Monday morning we found what looked like teeny tiny little poopies in the downstairs hall. Nowhere else, the boys seemed fine so we left it as a mystery. Fast forward half an hour and Stanley took his sniffing into overdrive, under the bed and nightstand, in the corner. “There must be something under the bed,” Phillip said, as I edged closer and closer to the door. He knelt down, took a look…and saw a BUSHY tail. “Ohmygod, I think we have a RAT!” he blurted out. Should we move to New York or Pennsylvania, I thought. Phillip went downstairs and came back with two sheets of plywood, picked up the wastebasket and requested a large pot which I was happy to supply because it got me out of the bedroom for awhile. “It’s a baby opossum!” he said, “It’s so cute!” It kindly came out from under the bed and ran into the wastebasket, which Phillip covered with the pot and took outside to freedom. So obviously the poopies were from the baby opossum who had come into the house through the sliding glass door we forgot to close the night before. But STAIRS?? Where did the baby opossum take classes in STAIRS?? If you remember back last week, the four beagles treed an opossum and Tootsie killed it. This one was more fortunate, but I sure wish they’d all get out of town. To New York! Or Pennsylvania!

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