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Didelphis virginiana

Posted by laurie on September 15, 2010

On Monday morning we found what looked like teeny tiny little poopies in the downstairs hall. Nowhere else, the boys seemed fine so we left it as a mystery. Fast forward half an hour and Stanley took his sniffing into overdrive, under the bed and nightstand, in the corner. “There must be something under the bed,” Phillip said, as I edged closer and closer to the door. He knelt down, took a look…and saw a BUSHY tail. “Ohmygod, I think we have a RAT!” he blurted out. Should we move to New York or Pennsylvania, I thought. Phillip went downstairs and came back with two sheets of plywood, picked up the wastebasket and requested a large pot which I was happy to supply because it got me out of the bedroom for awhile. “It’s a baby opossum!” he said, “It’s so cute!” It kindly came out from under the bed and ran into the wastebasket, which Phillip covered with the pot and took outside to freedom. So obviously the poopies were from the baby opossum who had come into the house through the sliding glass door we forgot to close the night before. But STAIRS?? Where did the baby opossum take classes in STAIRS?? If you remember back last week, the four beagles treed an opossum and Tootsie killed it. This one was more fortunate, but I sure wish they’d all get out of town. To New York! Or Pennsylvania!

18 Responses to “Didelphis virginiana

  1. Spunky's Mom said

    BUSHY tail? Are you sure? Opossums, at least the ones we have in Michigan, do not have bushy tails, they have rat tails. They wander through our yard every spring and fall, and inevitably “freeze” on our back fence, just out of Spunky’s reach, driving her wild and causing lots of baying and barking after dark.

    • Martha M said

      Same here–when my sweet Shiloh was younger—-
      However, Richmond, VA oppossums show up to hang out on our fence late at night AFTER humans go to bed, so the humans must rush outside, fumbling with shoes/sweatshirts/etc to try to shush their hound who is waking up all the neighborhood!!!

  2. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Good thing Tootsie wasn’t there, it wouldn’t have had a chance. Surprised the Noses didn’t detect the critter earlier.

  3. Marty said

    I will gladly take your baby possum if you will take the skunk who has been trespassing in my back yard in Central Pennsylvania

  4. Scott and Scout said

    Gosh, how cute. You could have kept him. Possums are very trainable, just like beagles! 🙂

  5. K. Spivey said

    My Daisy Mae once brought a dead rat into the house! And then there was the day I looked out and saw Blue and Daisy Mae having a tug-of-war with a dead rat.

    “I didn’t see that,” I told myself.

    • Cathy said

      That made me spit my coffee on my monitor. Yesterday I “didn’t see” Lily doing her Sit ‘n’ Spin trick on the family room carpet.

      I once followed a poopie trail to find a baby opossum in our master bath. How it got from the doggie door through the sunroom, through the living room (with us AND the beagle sitting right there), down the hall, through the bedroom, into the bathroom and behind the toilet without humans or canine noticing, I do not know.

      I was a little scared when I realized something wasn’t right in the house, but I managed to wrap the intruder in a big bath towel, pose for a picture and then return the wildlife to the wild. The beagle, who normally went nuts for possums, was of absolutely NO help in the possum eradication. For which I’m probably grateful. Tug-of-war, indeed.

      • Spunky's Mom said

        As an avid scrapbooker, I love that you took time to pose for a picture before you returned the little guy to the wild!

      • Martha M said

        I love the “Sit ‘n Spin” name–we call it the “Butt Scoot Boogie” and it totally grosses out my husband.

    • Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

      LOL! The danger of reading about beagles at work- you crack up in your office and people think you’re a bit nuts. 🙂

  6. C. Siding said

    Alternate Caption

    What men are good for

    • Susan in DE said

      What SOME men are good for (including Phillip). In a past relationship, I was the one who had to get the live bat out of the kitchen sink because the “man” was cowering, back against the wall, and quiveringly saying, “Wh-wh-what are we gonna do now?” There were no beagles around at the time, but that’s probably a good thing with bats.

  7. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Erich told me the other day he thinks we have another mouse in the garage because Onyx was really on the trail. She has also apparently discovered a mouse hole in the yard near the patio fence, and spends many hours excavating and guarding this site. Yesterday she must have needed a rest, because she lined up several of her toys next to the hole to guard it. I came home from work and there was a menagerie of dog toys lined up on the patio. I just had to laugh (next time I must grab the camera before I pick up the toys!)
    I love that they can sniff out the things that do not belong in the house, but I wish they wouldn’t let the critters INTO the house! 🙂

  8. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Oh-Laurie-I love your thought when told it was a Rat. Moving! I would be the same.

  9. Sue K said

    We had two beagles looking into(and baying) up a tree in our backyard here in SW Florida. I took a look to see what all the excitement was about and the was a opossum in the tree. I told some friends about this and they told me to be thankful because apparently opossums like to eat doggy poop. I had noticed there hadn’t been much of that in the backyard, but then again…we do have beagles. I also have been told that they don’t/can’t carry rabies. So send your opposum down here – we will put him/her to work!!!

  10. Harper said

    What great comments! Love the spitting out of the coffee. I’ve done that before at work.

    I don’t think we have to worry about ‘possums… we’ve been in our house now for coming on 4 years and we haven’t had a ‘possum come in through the doggie door… not that our area doesn’t have our fair share…. maybe because of the dogs, but now I’m sure we won’t get one since we adopted Tang the Ferocious Kitten soon to be Cat….

    Hearing that they like to eat doggie poop makes me want to go adopt them and cut down on our scooping chores!

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