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Could you roll the window down some more?

Posted by laurie on September 21, 2010

Stanley goes berserk for the first 30+ minutes of a car ride. Anything sets him off (especially people and animals, but even just another car will do). His vocal range spans several octaves and as cute as that sounds, he is really ANNOYING! I’m sure he didn’t ride in cars much before he came to New Jersey. I took this picture in the Home Depot parking lot. Phillip went in to get “just one thing!” and we waited. This was just after their pedicures at Petsmart and Stanley was stunned over the experience, so fortunately he was quiet.

31 Responses to “Could you roll the window down some more?”

  1. amy said

    you are lucky it is 30+… we go on a lot of 4 hour car rides and it lasts at least 3/4 hours. we have found he is better at night, after minimum 1 hour of playing fetch…. however, as far as the sound goes, you hit it on the nose. occasionally it is beautiful but the rest of the time, its beagle whining.

    great picture!!!

  2. Kelly said

    Fantastic photo!

  3. Jenny said

    Yes, great photo – Stanley looks so adorable! This is calendar quality stuff…

  4. Isis' mom said

    Awww how could you be annoyed with a face like that, he is adorable!!!

    • Susan in DE said

      Cute face, but annoying sounds in a small enclosed space …. especially when it turns into that whining that sounds like a hooting chimpanzee, that’s just too much inside a car.

      • Isis' mom said

        Yeah I guess I am a little jealous because my beagle rarely makes a sound. Sometimes I just want to hear her cute little howl. She is not deaf or anything but she only does it when she wants to,. My neighbors didnt even know I had a dog because she is so quiet. How often does that happen with a beagle.

  5. Lynne said

    What a wonderful photo. So cute. He looks so excited and happy!!!

  6. Kim Jackson said

    That has to be the BEST picture ever!

  7. Steve said

    Stan the Man!

  8. Lori (Cody and Henry's aunt) said

    Before we got Henry to calm Cody down a bit, we took Cody to Wal-Mart. I stayed in the car while Luana went in. She always takes a long time in Wal-Mart, and between the constant barking and the constant farting, I was sick before we got home!!

  9. Gretchen said

    What a nice smile.

  10. Rebeca said

    Beautiful photograph. Definitely for the calendar!

    I have to say when I take Alvah and Trumbo in the car they are pretty good. I tell them to get in the back and stay there, and they listen to me. Sometimes, Trumbo bays when he sees something, but he quiets down pretty quickly. Now on the leash, that’s a different story…

  11. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Barney objects to two wheeled vehicles, motorized or otherwise. He has one pitch for them .. extremely loud. But as soon as we pass them he settles down. Jodi dosen’t vocalize in the car. That’s a plus, her vocals are very high pitched. Both absolutely love to go in the car.

  12. Angela said

    Well, hello, Mr. Bright Eyes! I love this photo of Stanley. I agree with everyone else, definitely calendar consideration worthy. He looks SO happy, and I want to slide down his tongue! 🙂

    • Susan in DE said

      “…. and I want to slide down his tongue!” That’s hilarious!! :-> I think we need to come up with other DD themed playground and/or amusement park rides.

  13. Scooby's Mom said

    Did they get pedicures or peticures? Lol

    Fortunately Scooby is quiet on car rides. The down side is whenever we stop…he goes berserk! As soon as we take off our seatbelts he goes mental, barking like crazy till we get him out of the car.

    • Lori (Cody and Henry's aunt) said

      Benny used to be that way – fine when the car was moving; went nuts when it stopped. Even at red lights. But I still miss him. Rest in peace, Benny Buddy!

  14. Sam and Sweetum's Mom said

    There is nothing like the wide eyed wonderment of a beagle!

  15. Nancy in AZ said

    I know this frantic look all to well. Our Herbie beagle doesn’t like car rides, even to fun places. He jumps back and forth between the front and back seat. Spittle, high-pitched whining, panting – yes, it’s very annoying.

  16. Scott and Scout said

    My last dog, black lab mix would bark like crazy in the car. I restored to a bark collar, it worked. In fact, when the dog saw me getting the collar ready he ran over to it with tail wagging because it meant a car ride. After a couple barks, the dog almost never barked in the car again.

  17. Peggy said

    Penny will whine for the first ten minutes or so, but she’ll settle down, and step all over my legs to get a good view out the window.

    I remember our first Beagle, Sniffy. She hated tollbooths and would let out a full blown bay when we pulled up to one. Dad used to get a lot of dirty looks from tolltakers.

  18. Marie said

    Great picture of that handsome boy!!

  19. Julia Morris said

    That photo has an almost HDTV clarity. Did you get a new camera or something?

  20. Harper said

    It looks like Stanley got to ride “shotgun”…
    Great picture.

    Whisky Girl loves to go places, but I think she gets carsick; as long as she hasn’t eaten recently, all she does is drool…. poor girl. Our lab however, loves going for rides and is a fairly well behaved boy.
    Neither bark… weird but true.

  21. Tam said

    Stanley looks just like Elvis. It’s uncanny.

  22. Sue said

    I vote for this photo on a calendar. So cute! It looks like Stan is saying “Let’s Go! I’m ready!”.

  23. Denise said

    What a great photo! My beagle girl gets so excited when I tell her we are going for a ride in the car. Unfortunately I don’t get off my block before she starts with the crying and whining and it doesn’t stop until the car stops so clearly for her the excitement is about hopping into the car. LOL.

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