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Rock star!

Posted by laurie on September 22, 2010

This was on our way out of Petsmart following the double pedicure. Look at that chick magnet Sherman. Justin Bieber’s got NOTHING on my dog!

Thanks for all your compliments of yesterday’s photo. I was as surprised as you were to see it the first time. Maybe something about the light coming in from the sunroof? Julia asked if I had a new camera. Nope, just some good luck. It’s looking good as a calendar photo!

12 Responses to “Rock star!”

  1. Martha M said

    The boys, as always, are cute, but what adorable little girls! And the one closest to the camera obviously knows how to try to pet a strange dog! Cute, cute, cute. (I teach 3rd grade….I’m always assessing kids!)

  2. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Both yesterday’s and today’s photos are just precious! Laurie, you must have your camera around your neck constantly to get such great pics! So many times I see Cody, Henry, and the kitties in great poses, but when I run to get the camera and finally get the picture, they’ve moved (or run away altogether).

  3. Melissa said

    It was a great picture yesterday. The ears, the eyes, the smile… All the reasons we love beagles.

  4. K. Spivey said

    Definitely an overdose of cute.

  5. Spunky's Mom said

    Beagles and kids…..they just seem to be drawn to each other. Look at Sherman just eating up the love!!

    • Angela said

      I agree! It seems to reflect their personalities so well: Sherman, the chick magnet, basking in all the attention, and Stanley, a little more cautious, more of a one-on-one kind of guy!

  6. Scott and Scout said

    I guess Stanley’s arrow allows the girls to play “Spin the Beagle?”

  7. Harper said

    The DD is the highlight of my morning especially being away from home for work and missing my pups (and kitten)….

    Doing construction inspection is a lot like herding cats…

    Happy Wednesday, all!

  8. Tam said

    I love walking my two through PetSmart. They always get a LOT of attention. Elvis, of course, loves everyone…but it’s great for Abbey to know that more humans are kind than not. She seems to love children. Less trusting of adults.

  9. Ellen said

    People seem drawn to beagles. Most of them have stories of a beagle in their past. We were at the beach on Monday, and I stopped and talked to a woman sitting with her beagle. I had to laugh when she said the dog’s name was Daisy. (We have a Daisy too)

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