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Beagle dreams

Posted by laurie on September 23, 2010

I’ll never forget the time that I left a homemade pizza (still uncooked) too close to the edge of the counter. Spenser would wait for marvelous opportunities like that one and it paid off. Since then I’ve always pushed food out of the way of climbing beagles, even little Sherm here who would need a kitchen chair to get anywhere near the counter. Habits are hard to break!

16 Responses to “Beagle dreams”

  1. bailey n gypsys dad said

    Counter surfing can be amusing to watch as long as the food is safely back!
    We had one (ok two) encounter worth mentioning.
    Phone rang and I turned to answer it, Bailey slipped the lunch meat out of a sandwich with precision…since it was too close to the edge of the counter. I remember taking a bite and thinking it tasted like bread, then I looked…and the lunch meat was gone…and he was at my feet drooling…
    The only other food theft I remember was when both of them jumped up on the picnic table and ran off with our dinner! I had only turned my back on them to open the back door. Gypsy went up and tossed the chicken down to Bailey and he started off with it into the yard….
    had to chase them down to get it and debone it so they could finish OUR dinner safely…
    we had salad….

  2. Marie said

    Seamus had tricks to getting onto the counter. One was to bring the dishwasher door down and climb onto and up onto the counter. When that trick was found out and I started locking the disbwasher, he opened up the sink and hoisted himself into the sink to climb onto the counter to open the bread cabinet. He would keep at the door until he finally got it open. Then he would take his treasures, breads, rolls, cookies, anything he thought he might like, into the basement for his feast. So then I thought I would outsmart him and get a baby lock for inside the cabinet….Nope he broke that too. Then I thought I was really smart and would put him in the mud room outside the kitchen with a baby gate up. Nope, he scaled the baby gate. Then I decided a trip to Petsmart was in order. So I went to Petsmart and got him a nice cozy bed, some new toys and a kong, and now when we go out he goes into the basement. But I know, one of these days he will figure out how to open up the basement door. That dog is smarter than me…truth be told, it doesn’t take much!!!

    • Cathy said

      Whoa. That is one highly motivated beagle right there. My late beagle Kichwa was also able to get through a child lock on the pantry, so I started putting a very heavy (50+ lbs) piece of furniture in front of the pantry whenever we left the house (so convenient). She was still – somehow – able to move the furniture, get through the child lock and climb the shelves to the top, where the brownie mix was kept. Did you know that the doggy poison hot line knows by brand what the theobromine values are for brownie mix? Lucky for us she was fine and no trip to the vet was required.

      More recently, my small-but-determined Lily ate an entire loaf of bread that wasn’t pushed back quite far enough from the edge. She’s terrier-like in her leaping, which has led to her nickname of “Mosh Pit”. The worst part was I fed her dinner, which she ate with her usual gusto, and only THEN did I discover the empty bread wrapper. That dog is a pig in a beagle costume.

  3. Susan in DE said

    Don’t be fooled by their short little legs. Josie and Jordan are both pretty good about not even looking at the counter, and you can leave a bread bag hanging off the edge of the counter and they won’t touch it. But once I had made some Amish friendship bread, and I swear I had the two foil wrapped loaves pushed all the way back on the counter. Somehow Josie managed to pull them down and ate 1.5 loaves (we now know that a 40 lb female beagle can only fit that much Amish friendship bread into her belly, because she stopped on her own), and she looked like a fat bloated tick. There was some belly “disruption” the next day, but nothing serious (she didn’t actually eat any of the aluminum foil, and besides, she’s a machine!).

  4. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    our counters are at the height that the beagles, even standing on their ‘tippy toes’ and sticking their noses up, are still about an inch short. Of course-tongues can close the distance, so we make sure to push things back on the counter. Just in case. Reading everyone’s stories has reinforced that.

  5. Dee said

    My naughty boy got into the rising dough for “Grandma’s homemade dinner rolls” one year, and you know what that means…. live yeast consumed, and subsequent gastrointestinal catastrophe. We spent Christmas morning at the Emergency Vet clinic. And no rolls for dinner.

    • Lori (Cody and Henry's aunt) said

      Our first beagle, Bogie, somehow managed to reach up and get a yeast coffee cake (with cinnamon sugar topping) off the table. To top it off, the coffee cake was in a plastic bag! By the time we got to him, he ate the bag and half the coffee cake. Surprisingly, he didn’t get sick!!!

  6. Leslie said

    Our first Beagle, Erin, jumped up and grabbed an uncooked corned beef off the counter. We were outside in the yard at the time. It was too quiet for any good to be happening. When we came inside she had dragged the entire corned beef into the living romm and was munching away in utter happiness!

  7. Amy said

    When Roxy was 9 months old she pulled down a fully cooked, piping hot pizza that was unattended on the kitchen table. Luckily we heard the commotion and was able to keep her from eating any (it had onions on it). Needless to say, we don’t leave unattended food on the table even though now she knows she isn’t suppose to be anywhere near that table because we don’t want to tempt that little nose of hers. I can always tell when she smells something edible up on a counter or table because that little head flies up and she starts eyeing us.

  8. Nancy in AZ said

    I love reading about the creative ways of Beagles. The tick image is too funny.

    My mother-in-law was standing at our kitchen counter and had a cinnamon roll in front of her. Before she knew it our Beagle Smitty snatched it off the counter and gulped it down in two bites. She just stood there with her mouth open.

    During a kitchen remodel we had a (lower) temporary kitchen set up in another room. Our Beagle Herbie snagged a full loaf of whole grain bread off the table and ate 3/4 of it. Our vet just laughed when we called her.

    I was setting the table for Thanksgiving one year and started putting condiments out. Pretty soon I notice Herbie is outside and is licking at something he has between his paws. He actually let me take it away from him and my husband and I were stymied as to what it was. We sniffed it and felt it and thought it might have been some suet we had put out for birds. We figured it out when we were all sitting at the table enjoying the meal and somebody asked for butter!

  9. Harper said

    I must admit, I’m not as strict about some things with our beagle so she’s not ahem well-trained, but after reading all these fun/interesting (fun because no beagle was actually harmed…) I’m thinking that our Whisky Girl hasn’t figured it out yet… no counter surfer here… Her body type is like Clayton’s so maybe it hasn’t occurred to her to try counter surfing. She’ll be 6 in December, so maybe we’re safe???? She does have a great jump and will jump up on my lap; and her new favorite “bed” is an antique bench that we have in the living room (with padded seat of course).

    • Susan in DE said

      Harper, Do not — I repeat — do NOT be fooled by the age and Clayton-like build of Whisky Girl. Marie noted Seamus didn’t start breaking into cabinets until he was 9. And Josie is also built like Clayton, and I don’t know how she got hold of something pushed all the way to the back of the counter. …. Somehow I envision her tricking Jordan into assisting, “Okay Jordan, I’ll stand on your back and will eat my half, then we’ll trade.” [half hour goes by] “Josie, is it my turn yet?” “Nom-nom-nom-nom, mmph, just one more minute Jordan, almost your turn, nom-nom-nom-nom”. (Jordan is very sweet, but he is a dog of very little brain).

      • Harper said

        Thanks Susan…
        I guess we’ll just be waiting and watching then. JD Lab’s back knees are wrecked, so he can’t offer an assist (thank goodness).

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