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Archive for September 29th, 2010

It’s getting dark out

Posted by laurie on September 29, 2010

I do love the cooler temperatures of fall, but the shorter days can go elsewhere. Sunrise today was at 6:50 and sunset will arrive at 6:45. Phillip has been walking the boys in the mornings, and if he has time, often in the evening. (More about Phillip’s new exercise regimen soon!) We were trying to figure out how much longer he can walk the dogs in the morning without missing his first patient. So I turned to the worldwideinterweb and found this site which reports sunrise and sunset times in calendar form for any month you choose. Things aren’t good for October but they’ll improve on the morning end in November when Daylight Savings ends. Not for long, of course, it’s a slow and steady retreat into darkness until December 21. All that is to say, what are we going to do to exercise the boys, especially this boy named Stanley who has so much energy? We don’t live anywhere near sidewalks and streetlights, so creative solutions are welcome.

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