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It’s getting dark out

Posted by laurie on September 29, 2010

I do love the cooler temperatures of fall, but the shorter days can go elsewhere. Sunrise today was at 6:50 and sunset will arrive at 6:45. Phillip has been walking the boys in the mornings, and if he has time, often in the evening. (More about Phillip’s new exercise regimen soon!) We were trying to figure out how much longer he can walk the dogs in the morning without missing his first patient. So I turned to the worldwideinterweb and found this site which reports sunrise and sunset times in calendar form for any month you choose. Things aren’t good for October but they’ll improve on the morning end in November when Daylight Savings ends. Not for long, of course, it’s a slow and steady retreat into darkness until December 21. All that is to say, what are we going to do to exercise the boys, especially this boy named Stanley who has so much energy? We don’t live anywhere near sidewalks and streetlights, so creative solutions are welcome.

20 Responses to “It’s getting dark out”

  1. Kate said

    Laser pointer? My Beagle Kramer couldn’t care less about it, however my higher energy Beagle-Shepherd chases it all over the house, and yard. He could do it for hours. Good Luck!!

  2. Lucy M. said

    Doggie day camp sessions at Petsmart work for Lucy Beagle!

  3. Susan in DE said

    Josie has no interest in exercise, Jordan will retrieve toys heaved down the hallway all day long. But if there are treats involved, the two of them will both sit and stay in the bedroom, then race to the livingroom when I call. A few rounds of that is good for the heart rate, and they’ll put in a ton of work for a teeny tiny crumb of a treat.

  4. Kate H. said

    Treadmill? With animal planet on the TV?

  5. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    We chase the beags around the inside of the house. They can make circles through the living room, dining room, and kitchen. It usually doesn’t take a lot from us. Sometimes, all I have to do is make a move like I’m going to chase Cobalt and he takes off. Other times, I have to chase him a little. We have a little song we sing so he knows we’re playing (as opposed to trying to corner him for nail trimmings or a bath). Once Cobalt gets worked up, Onyx joins in and then the two of them wear each other out.

    • Susan in DE said

      I had to laugh about the “playing song” you mention singing, C&O’s Mom. How many songs does everyone else have for their beagles? The favorite in our house is, “Do you WANNA…?? (beagles respond with attentive head tilt) Are we GONNA ….?? (insert beagles dancing and whimpering) … go for a WALKIE-WALK??” (mad gallop for mudroom where leashes are kept goes here).

  6. Debra Graham said

    What about another playmate? Another beagle of course!

  7. Peggy said

    I wish we lived near you–a playdate with Pennygirl would leave both your boys exhausted.

  8. Tonya said

    They make a “saddle style weight pack” for dogs and it makes them work a little harder when they walk and they get the energy out of them 🙂

    They range from small dogs to monster pups so the weight is varied.

  9. Harper said

    How about a headlamp for Phillip & the Boys? They have them at hiking type stores (I happen to use them periodically for work inspecting pipes, tunnels, etc.).
    Keeps your hands free for the leashes.

    • Susan in DE said

      Also, for about $15 from places like Home Depot or Lowes, you can get a baseball cap that has two little LED lights in the brim. It’s not a very bright beam, but it’s just enough to keep you from tripping over sticks, roots, cracks in the sidewalk, etc.

  10. Wendy and Scooter said

    We play “find the treat” with Scooter. We hide bits of kibble, or whatever else we have on hand, under pillows, behind chairs and so on, and then say “Find the treat!” in an excited voice. He has learned what that means, and he goes nuts. He runs around looking for the snacks. We have fun watching him, and he has fun searching. We also play hide and seek, although admittedly he’s not great at it. If he can’t find us after a while, he starts whining and baying.

  11. Suz said

    I have used headlamps and flashlight collars on my dogs. Is there a school nearby that will permit you to use their track?

  12. Laura said

    I would also suggest doggie daycamps a couple days a week. Petsmarts have them and so do pet “hotels”. If you are lucky you can find one that picks up and delivers.

  13. K. Spivey said

    My Daisy Mae is a maniac with way too much energy. I made her an extremely long workout line made out of regular rope and bungee cord. (The bungee cord protects your arm and the dog’s neck from sudden jerks) So anyway, we go to the athletic fields and Daisy Mae has a ball running like crazy at top speed and chasing squirrels, etc. It’s a great way to give her a very vigorous workout without killing yourself trying to keep up.

  14. Laura said

    Thought of other idea, what about a dog walker to come during the day.

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