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Archive for October 8th, 2010

More fun with Photoshop

Posted by laurie on October 8, 2010

I promise I won’t make this a regular thing, but isn’t this a pretty cool rendition of one of September’s photos? If you want to try this sort of thing yourself in Photoshop, choose Filter->Texture->Grain->Speckle. How I found it I don’t know.

And here’s Stan enjoying some blueberry yogurt. I have had Photoshop for many years and only use a tiny fraction of its features. Mostly I adjust lighting, sharpen, and sometimes perform a little airbrushing. When I got my new laptop this year I didn’t have a copy of Photoshop to install, so I used my Princeton discount and purchased Photoshop Elements for MUCH less money. It does all the things I did in Photoshop, including fix up my scuba photos. I highly recommend it.

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